Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labs and school testing

I finally recieved a call back on Maddison's labs from last month which included all the standard yearly Endo labs plus an HLA genetic screening and extra Celiac panels. Everything looks GREAT! No Thyroid or Celiac abnormalities as I was worried about! Dr D did mention that the HLA results were "inconclusive." We are all in the clear until another year I suppose :) Now we just have to find a solution to the tummy aches....I think thats called more veggies!

Yesterday I also recieved Maddison's testing results from the Terra Nova exams given last year. Although Maddison's blood sugars were too high every testing day (and she shouldnt have even been tested at that time) she ranked 97th in Language and 94th in Reading! Thats quite the improvement for my little one who struggles in school! THEN...this morning I had an email from Maddison's teacher saying I should be proud...Maddison scored the HIGHEST in her whole class on recent Reading exams :) Ahhhh....a proud moment for us! All Maddison's extra hard work to keep up is FINALLY paying off.


mom2wendy said...

I will keep Maddison in my prayers. I want her to have a wonderful year, and I want Celiac to remain forever farrrrrrrrrrrrr away.

Wendy said...

So happy to hear all the good news!!!!!! GO MADDISON!!!!

phonelady said...

you go maddison and hope the celiac stays away forever.