Friday, September 25, 2009

Is it ever that easy?

Oh man. I'm so frustrated right now. Last night Hannah developed a 101.5 fever, not high, but not normal after being on Amoxicillan for over 72 hours. My poor dear was miserable. WHY WHY WHY didnt the doctor prescribe something other than Amox if the Amox didnt work for the Strep she had the last week in August?

I called the after hours triage line for our Pediatrician, and of course, we were told to just call the office in the morning for an appointment. I just wanted a Zpack, or new RX for a different antibiotic! If only it could be that easy! I just about dropped dead when the nurse said to call back if Hannah's fever reached OVER 105. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? OVER 105? The last time I saw a 104.6 Hannah was 18 months old and had a febrile seizure. (Two actually, hours apart) She spent two days at Phoenix Children's Hospital. If Hannah has been on antibiotic for 3 days AND hits 103, I'm heading to the Urgent care or ER lady! Thanks for nothing!

Good news is, Hannah's fever passed with one round of Motrin and Tylenol. I stayed home from work today to take her to the doctor. Instead of having us come in, they called in a Zpack and are having us come back in AGAIN in the morning, which is Saturday. GREAT. Just where I want to be on a Saturday morning! Ohhhhh if only the Zpak were that easy! I kid you not, Hannah cannot swallow that pill to save her life!!!Apparently, she has a major gag reflex. MAJOR. Gagging, salivating, choking, then vomiting. OMG, are you serious? Just swallow the damn pill already!! Josh and I were so frustrated, we had to just leave the room. Hannah's crying. Her throat is so swollen, that doesn't really help. We tried applesauce to chug it down. Josh tried smashing it and mixing it with a sugar syrup. Nada. GAG GAG GAG. Its never easy in this house.

I tried to refill Maddison's Novolog RX today with Caremark. Nope. They say its too soon. Ok, then pull MY RX for the insulin. Ummmmm.....they say its expired. Seriously? How can it be expired if we just started using Caremark this year? The CSR is assuring me its expired, the date reads 2008. OMG, I was just about to freak out on this lady!! My hands are tied, what else can I do? I can't talk to my doctor until Monday now can I? Its just never easy in this house!

At 9:30 I got an email from the nurse. Maddison was 60 after PE. Ummmmmm.......I asked the nurse why she didnt check Maddison BEFORE PE as she was supposed to. She says Maddison forgot to come in. WELL..........If Maddison was checked BEFORE PE as she should have been she would have seen she needed a snack to get through PE without going low. And, she didnt go find Maddison to check? Nope. Can I just SCREAM at her or would that be rude? Get this, she asked me if Maddison had a small breakfast. I tell her no, she had the normal pancakes with PB on top and SF syrup. Nothing out of the ordinary, except Maddison didnt want milk today, which of course, wasnt bolused for. She emailed me back telling me THAT must be why she went low. Then she says...."no protein means no staying power Mom" OMG SERIOUSLY? Did she really just say that to me? As if milk would have made it that easy! She had PB on her pancakes for her protein by the way!! She really shouldn't have said that to a mom who is DESPERATELY trying to stop lows lately!!!!!

The rest of the day was a disaster for numbers. Damn you 1:45 ratio.

7:00am 106
9:30am 60 (gave TWO glucose tabs followed by 2 PB crackers which were bolused)
9:45am 188
11:00am 181 (lunch w/new 1:45 ratio that worked yesterday!)
1:25pm 381 THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY ONE!!?? 1:45 ratio hugh?
2:26pm 299 (skip snack today)

WHY WHY WHY did a 1:45 ratio work yesterday and not today? Same old lunch. I guess Diabetes is just never that easy is it? I'm guessing now we
are on our way back to "normal" blood sugars in the afternoon with no 22's?? Tomorrow we shall try again. Oh yeah...Its SATURDAY!! Saturday is never like a school day! Fabulous. Lets see.....Hmmmmm....what should I do now? I think its called a watch and see day. "Watch and see" Saturday. Great.


Wendy said...

"no protein means no staying power Mom"

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. That comment ticked ME off and it wasn't even directed at me!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry the numbers have gone crazy and Hannah isn't all better yet :(

Let me know if you need anything...

phonelady said...

It is never the same from one day to the next . I just wish once and a while it would give you a break .