Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pet class, D friends and an AVP Weekend

Today we took Hannah to the 2009 AVP Tour/World challenge. It was HOT HOT HOT. I think this September day topped 103 degrees by afternoon. Isnt it Fall yet? Regardless of sweating our behinds off, we had a great time once again at this years AVP tournament. This entire weekend was truly refreshing, with lots of time spent together and with friends. Oh yeah! And Maddison got Misty May's autograph!!!

Saturday Maddison was very tired after being up for hours after her lows in the night. Maddison had an early morning club meeting with the "Paws and Claws" kids group, but a little sleep loss wasn't gonna slow her down!! September is "Adopt a Shelter Dog" month, so the kids club worked together to make a banner with the shelter dogs pictures and details. HOW CUTE it was! After banner making, the kids bathed some shelter dogs. We can't wait for next months meeting!

After Maddison's kids club we were on our way to our "D" friends meeting at Peter Piper Pizza. It was great to see "D" friends and hang out for a bit while enjoying the usual Diabetes conversations. :) There's just nothing like friends to talk to that understand! We had a quiet movie night at home with the girls afterwards, and we even got to bed EARLY on a Saturday night!

You know what really sucks in this Arizona heat? Over heated blood meters! It also seems we can't drink enough water this time of year! Maddison and I both ended up running a tad too high in this heat filled fun day..... and MAN!!!!! Were we thirsty! I had water packed in my giant bag that was SUPPOSED to be keeping our meters cool. Not so! Every sugar check showed an over heated meter. Soooo....did that mean our numbers were inaccurate? Apparently so, we both came home to higher highs than we had before we checked and corrected. ICK. Heat and insulin dont mix. Two new site changes, and an early dinner made us feel much better. Lets hope Monday tomorrow is uneventful compared to last week!


Wendy said...

WAHOO for family filled fun days.

Blech for high blood sugars.

Excuse me, Diabetes, but my friends are trying to live a life here. Check your attitude. Stat.


phonelady said...

here is to a less stressfull , less eventfull wk than last wk . God bless and take care and hope all does well .

Meri said...

What a GREAT club! What a great thing to help those doggies!

And Misty? SO COOL!

I can't handle temps over 100, that is why I live near the coast. Fog is my very best friend.
It cooled down here today, so I think that means cooler days coming your way! I hope...