Friday, September 18, 2009

Disgusted and Confused

Hannah just handed me a written notice from the school....

"This week we received word that there was an adult male on campus at dismissal time that followed a student into the park, (which is connected and directly behind our school) where he was noticed by a parent. At that point, the man re-entered the campus through the gate. He eventually went back to the park and left in his vehicle. This same person and car also came through the school parking lot and drove in our surrounding community the following morning. The Peoria Police was notified and a report has been filed."

Can I just vomit now? I pick up my kids every single day from this same park! On Fridays Hannah walks home with her friends after hanging out at this park! No longer! I'm SICK. Just sick. Know what is just as disgusting? At Hannah's volleyball game on Wednesday the rival parents were telling us about a man taking pictures of the girls volleyball team secretly from across the parking lot as they held a fundraising car wash! Taking pictures of our 12 and 13 year old girls washing cars!!! The good news is, several of the parents went and confronted the man. Not so good news, a fight proceeded and the Dads of the girls beat the guy up and destroyed his camera. He had snapped 247 pictures of our CHILDREN!! Hello!!We live in a nice neighborhood! What is going on!!?? This kind of thing does not happen in my neighborhood! Know what I mean!!?? Its just unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE! I think this world is going crazy!! I'm so disgusted. SCARED for my children. For every one's children!

Confused.... this is where the confused comes in. If you read my post last night, you know Maddison had a 36 at school and I adjusted a basal for several hours and her lunch ratio for today. I'm so confused with today's numbers, something just cant be right!

948am 58 (normally the nurse would give 8c but I asked her to call me today if Maddison started to head low. I asked her to give 12c glucose instead of just 8.

15min recheck 206 (nurse bolused a correction since Maddison went too high and had zero active insulin) Correction gave a .4 which I thought was about double what it should be for her 240 daytime sensitivity..planned to call back and check on the lunch number....

11am lunch check 237.. I called the nurse to see what Maddison came up to after the low earlier. I planned on subtracting a .2 from lunch since I thought the correction was too much earlier after the low. I decided since Maddison was over 200we would just leave the correction alone and trust the pump.

1:15pm 55 Nurse gave 8c. WHY she is just giving 8c at 2hrs PP after yesterdays 36...I have no idea! She should have called me for instruction today!

1:30pm 40 FORTY YES FORTY!! AGAIN!! ANOTHER REALLY LOW LOW!!! With reduced basal today and BIG ratio change! The nurse gave another 8c.....then this number shows....

192 WHAT THE HELL?? Not a high rebound....a rebound? Who the hell knows! I'm TOTALLY confused. This last week just doesn't make sense. I hate it when it doesn't make sense! AHHHHH!!! I am DONE with Diabetes today!


Meri said...

It never makes sense. (scream, pounding pillow!)

I'm sorry. About the creepy guy And the basals. I hope you figure out what's causing the lows this weekend.

Have a great one!

phonelady said...

None of it ever makes sense to me . Oh and that guy makes me sick . we have a parents group here that watches that sort of thing and they usually have them at every school . They call them the parents protection league maybe some of the parents should think about forming one . Well good luck on all of that and yeah hopefully you will figure out what is going on this wknd.