Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Through the microscope

Today was a useless day spent hoovering around school, trying to make sense of lows and highs. I knew it would be, but I also couldn't walk away from a LO or the 3 weeks past of 20's, 30's and 40's that randomly try to beat my child down. I'm analyzing more than ever now. Every single second of Maddison's day was under the scope today. As I expected, Maddison was too high today. I didnt change a single thing from yesterday. So why Lo, 24 and 54 yesterday and not today? Through the microscope, this is what I saw......

At lunch time Maddison was a too high 245. WTF!!?? I wanted to curse out loud! Is this one abnormally high number for this time of day going to screw up all the other numbers for the day!??? Most days Maddison is coming into lunch in range. Of course she didnt today. That would be too easy. Ok, she's eating lunch too high, at 245. No big deal, we are still sticking to plan. We will still bolus AFTER lunch, but bolus the correction now. I cant tell you how many times I doubted that decision, being worried of lows. Being that I was overly tired from last nights pending low weirdness.....I could have swooped Maddison up, headed for home right then and there and just called it a day. But, I couldn't and I didn't.

The nurse seemed increasingly irritated of my presence. "Aren't you going to lunch with Maddison?" she asked. "No, I'm "spying" today" I said. (spying on Maddison, not the nurse) If Maddison is tossing her PB sandwich in the trash causing these random serious lows , I will see it from afar. Sneaky Peaky spying as Junie B Jones would say :) So, after Maddison went to lunch I secretly followed. (She thought I was just helping out in the nurse's office today) I haven't TRUELY decided if running wild is causing these lows, or if Maddison may really be ditching part of her lunch. Why would she do that? Who knows? Nothing seems to make sense anymore. I'm just trying to make sense of it all. Under the scope, every little detail mattered today. Strangely, Maddison was done eating lunch in about 10 minutes flat. Back to the nurse for her bolus she went.

After bolusing Maddison for her lunch, she went off to recess. I soon followed. Under the scope, here is what I saw....

Maddison playing in the sand. Zooming around a little, but certainly no running laps today. I could see teachers wondering why I was spying at my child from behind the building, but, at this point I dont care how crazy I might look! And....thats about it. Seeing recess I KNEW today would be a high day for Maddison. Very little activity. But, at least it wouldnt be a LOW day right? I decided to ask the duty teachers what they have stashed in their "emergency" kit. I explained why I was spying on Maddison, and asked if anyone was aware that Maddison could have a low blood sugar reaction on the playground. YEP. They were well versed with who Maddison is, and why she goes to the nurse so often. Unfortunetly, the only thing carried in the "emergency" bag is BANDAIDS. Bandaids wont do much for low blood sugar. WHERE IS THE QUICK SUGAR THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE?

Maddison went back to class after recess and I headed off to the Nurse's office. I've got a few minutes to brain storm with the nurse before I take my spot sitting in low alert in the classroom. What do I see besides the normal 10-12 kids filling up the office? The Paramedics. A young boy on the stretcher being tended to while the Principals zoom around. The Nurse is reporting vitals. The nurse's aid is tending to 4 other boys vomiting. Chaos. Not chaos over just one boy. Seven 8th graders decided to pop some pills in the bathroom. Outside the office window I can see 4 patrol cars. 2 Engines, 4 ambulances and parents. Parents are starting to fill the halls. CHAOS. In the end, just the one boy was transported by ambulance, but it wasn't good.

Its always eerie to see the paramedics at school. You really just never know what may happen after dropping your kids off at school for the day. Yesterdays LO surely reminded me of that today. Anyway, I explained to Maddison's teacher the seriousness of her lows lately, and offered to help out while I sat in the classroom to watch for lows. At 1hr PP Maddison came to me for feeling low. She was 315. Hmmm, thats expected with this crazy high 1:45 ratio and no running wild laps. Definitely an entire lunch eaten. I saw it with my own eyes. An hour later it was snack time, 2 hrs PP with a BS of 312. Skip the snack today and head for the "free" food. 3 hrs PP 245.

Tomorrow? I need to go work! I think I feel safe enough having Dad do the sneaky peaky spying for lunch and recess since its his day off. Today I learned nothing but what I already knew. I'm still confused. I'm still assuming that either food is being thrown away, or wild recess is causing serious lows. At 7am before school tomorrow we have Maddison's annual IEP review. This should interesting since the Nurse didnt even know until I mentioned it to her today. -Sigh- I guess for right now we are back to living day to day. I thought those days had past. Damn you Diabetes!


phonelady said...

Oh kelly those day to day things never really go away do they ? it stinks that you guys have to live day to day and I really hope things go better for you guys . many hugs to you !!!

Meri said...

I just want you to know I think about you a lot and pray that the all this craziness will be resolved soon.

(Maybe all us D-Moms should open a detective agency. Isn't that our specialty? Working out mysteries?)

Hallie said...

Still proud of you! Way to go!

Doesn't it just irritate you to no end the ignorance of the school staff? I say that with love, as I am a teacher! It has become my mission to educate our district staff about diabetes because they just don't know what it's really like. And they make decisions based on this lack of information. I was guilty myself. I had a diabetic child about 2 years ago - knew nothing really about the disease. Now that scares me to death. I got an email from her mom while we were in the hospital - I emailed her back: "Guess where we are?!?" How ironic! And now, knowing what I now know, I feel terrible that I didnt know more back then. So now it's my passion to educate because I truly believe that the school personnel don't really "get it" - not because they don't care but because they truly don't know enough. Sounds like maybe that's pretty common - unfortunately.

You're doing a great job and others are learning because of you! You just never know when it will come back around and either help you out in the future or help out another child. Stay strong!

RipleyFamily said...

I hope you can get all these weird numbers figured out soon! I hate living Diabetes with changes from day to day. I hope one day it will not be so challenging.It would be nice if D would just cooperate!

And I just have to comment that I have never seen a nurses office as busy as your poor nurse seems to be a lot of the time. I hope she has some extra help. :(