Monday, August 31, 2009

Party Party

We survived Maddison's "friend" birthday party yesterday! I tend to be a bit stressed when we have so many kids over to swim. Add Diabetes for Maddison AND Miss Addy who also came to our party, and I get a bit over protective. Those lows can get you quick when swimming! The blood sugars co-operated and the kids all had fun. CRAZY with that many kids in the pool though! I'm just happy we didn't have lows and all the kids of various ages played well together.

Maddison went to a friends birthday party immediately before her own! Pizza, cake.....home to swim, more cake.....UGH. I survived. Blood sugars were crazy of course....but what do you do. Start over again on Monday and hope back to school falls in place I guess. Today I'm home with Ms Hannah.....she has Maddison's strep I'm sure...but, of course I have to take her in this morning to get a script. Why couldn't they just give preventive antibiotics for the whole family when I had Maddison in last week? -Sigh- Now I guess we just exposed the whole damn birthday party. Sorry guys!! I swear I did bleach bomb the house after Maddison's positive strep! The real bummer is that Hannah starts Volleyball practice for the school team today! Did I already mention my Hannah made the school team? Of course she did! First game is on the 16th....I cant wait to see my girl back in the game!

Well, I'm back on that treadmill again, feeling motivated and back in to the routine already. THANK GOODNESS. Maybe I wont have to buy bigger jeans this winter after all! I'm testing alot to see how my numbers are going, I dont think I've seen a number over 120 since last week. Lots of lows even with a temp basal of 50% for 6 hours after the workouts. ICK. Of course, then I have to eat eat eat because of the lows.....that cant help with loosing these extra pounds! ACK! I'm telling you though...I have a weird undiscovered type of Diabetes. Or, I suppose I could still be "honeymooning" even after 3 years. Who knows.

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