Wednesday, September 16, 2009

#3 is BACK!!!!!!

#3, thats my girl! My Hannah is back in the game! Although Hannah's team lost both Volleyball games played today, My #3 SHINED. SHINED! My girl took over that court I tell you! Let me take a proud, bragging moment here please :) Aahhhemmm.....

Being that Hannah played competitive Volleyball last year, she has gained tremendous skill and great confidence.....even more so when placed in just the right setting. The "right setting" for Hannah, means when she KNOWS she is one of the strongest players on the team, she takes the lead. With every killer serve, I could see Hannah's adrenaline pushing her to perform to her highest ability. It was awesome, regardless of who won in the end. Hannah was the star of the game today! All around me I could hear other parents commenting on #3's great plays. YAY! My #3 is back in the game! I can't wait for next weeks game!


phonelady said...

yeah I can tell you are the proud mama !!!good luck Hannah !!

MaRia said...

Got to your blog through Joanne's ("met" her through another non-D blog a while back) --My heart breaking for you & your little girl. I can't say that I understand, just that I can imagine and that seems hard enough. I have a younger brother (34, diagnosed in 7th grade) and sister (28, diagnosed in 2nd grade) with T1. I have always lived in fear that it would be me next, but now, as you said what is really the hard part, is for your child.
I wrote a little about my experience here

I read your first entry about the diagnosis. :( Just wanted to say that I will continue praying every night for a cure for this rotten disease and the strength for awesome moms like you on the front lines.

Wendy said...

GO HANNAH GO HANNAH GO HANNAH!!!! Can't wait to see her mad skills next week :)