Saturday, September 12, 2009

Without notice

Here we are 5 weeks into the new school year, where did the days go? We are STILL off to a very good start in 3rd grade! YAY! What a relief! I know I shouldn't say ANYTHING because as soon as I do it all changes....but the last few weeks as far as Diabetes is concerned has been FANTASTIC. Even with Strep in our house! The last few weeks have been FANTASTIC, not necessarily because blood sugars are "perfect" but because Diabetes is just living here peacefully. Not really being noticed. No emotions. No sadness. No anger. No frustration. Just Diabetes living here without notice. Ohhhhh how nice it is to have Diabetes in the backseat where it belongs, once again.

Summer is always tough because we aren't so strict on a schedule. Sleeping and eating patterns change, which causes Diabetes to be all too constantly frustrating. I think I'm liking this back to school thing after all! The school routine with Maddison's blood sugar checks have fallen nicely into place. Maddison's teacher is AWESOME, emailing me often to keep me posted...unfortunately though.....the emails are to inform of extra work Maddison needs to complete at home. Maddison is still missing alot of instruction time in the classroom, usually for a "low" that isn't really a low, or a low that is in the 70 range. Maddison is in the habit of snacking often at school now because of this. Of course, I'm working on the basals.....but this girl must be growing! She is always hungry! (maybe thats also becuase the lower BS range)

Times like these when Diabetes lives here without notice, gives me a chance to get back up. It gives me a chance to look forward, instead of just pondering the next few hours or the next few days. We will be approaching 3yrs with Maddison's Diabetes this year. I've noticed my comfort level with Diabetes has gotten much better. Of course, it just takes one bad low to throw me back into the "worry" zone.....but overall, I must say being this 3rd year in, has taught me alot. I've stopped over analyzing. (at least when things are going without notice :) and I've gotten more comfortable making changes to dosing aggressively. I dont have the overwhelming range of emotions from sad to angry to grief stricken as I used to. I guess my emotions are separating more and more from the numbers I see. THAT is a huge step for me. Thank you Diabetes, for living here without notice lately......


phonelady said...

That is so great and I am so glad that d lives peacefully sometimes and sometimes it rears its ugly head again and often . I wish that it stays that way for you .

Wendy said...


I feel so behind on my blogs lately!!!

I'm so happy you guys are doing well :) YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

Take a backseat, D. You're not in charge here!!!!!

Meri said...

Those streaches of time are a blessing.

It is SO NICE to have a time to just breath and enjoy our children without constant anxiety.

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that everything is going well :-)
Isn’t it nice when diabetes lives peacefully for a little while? Times like that are so needed & just passing the 3 year mark ourselves I too am more confident that I was in the beginning with all of this. There are times when I want to pull my hair out in frustration - no doubt! But am SOOOO thankful for the smooth times!!!
Hoping for that soon for us as the past 4 days have been sick days w/ ketones, crazy b/g spikes, and bent cannula's... Send some good vibes our way!
I hope that Maddison continues to have an awesome teacher & that everything goes great for her during the school year.

~Tammy, Proud Mom to Zoe (Forever 5), Zurik (Almost 5!) dx'd at 21 months old on 9-8-06, And Payge 1 1/2