Monday, September 28, 2009

Running wild

Today after taking Maddison to volunteer with the bird rescue after school, she asked if I wanted to know about recess today. Of course! It isn't often that Maddison volunteers information about school, so when she does, you can bet its something very exciting!

Maddison: "Mom, I've finally beat my record!"

Me: "What do you mean? What record?"

Maddison: "Well, at recess I've been trying to beat my record of how many laps I can run before the whistle blows to go inside"


Maddison: "At first I could only run about 3 laps, but NOW today, I ran 6 whole laps !!""

Me: "That is awesome!" "Do you run laps every day, or just sometimes?"

Maddison: "I've been running laps for weeks!"

Well, that's interesting!!!! Do ya think all the post lunch lows are a result of running laps at recess every single day? 22...36....lows in the 40's and 50's EVERY day except one day last week!!??? Ummmmmmmmm...... THERES THE ANSWER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! My super mellow Maddison that usually sits in the sand at recess has been running some serious laps immediately after lunch!! Thank GOODNESS for the explanation of all these wicked, scary lows!!

Now....what to do about it? Do I insist she runs laps every day to make use of the dramatically increased ratio? Hmmm....probably not. Today Maddison had another low, 52 2hrs PP. Her ratio for lunch is currently 1:45 vs the 1:25 its been for years. What in the world do I do now? Assume every day she is running laps and keep the 1:45ratio? Have her keep an extra snack at her desk to boost her up if she feels she ran wild at recess? Am I supposed to have the recess police monitor her activity level? Should I include an activity scale for recess? (jokingly of course)

On a scale of 1-10 "Please rate Maddison's activity level today"

1-3 played in the sand without moving much
4-6 played on the swings, ran up and down the play equipment etc.
7-8 Played kick ball, tag, chased boys etc.
8-9 Moved non stop
10 Ran wild, non-stop laps (6 or more)

Ummm.............How do you do it with super active kids!!??? (MERI!!) ??????????? You have boys, they MUST run wild at recess!! How the heck do you get a ratio right when they are so darn active and constantly moving immediately following lunch? I've never had to manage Maddison running wild at recess. She's a sit in the sand kind of girl! Do you have your own Recess police? WOW, I'm relieved to (hopefully) have an explanation for these lows. I like it much better when there is a "reason" rather than the I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING ordeal that I've been dealing with for about three weeks now. When all these lows started I asked Maddison if she was running wild after lunch and she said no. Today she told me she didn't think "a couple" laps would matter. Oh my, oh my!! I'm guessing they SURE do!!


Hallie said...

I'm so glad you've figured it out! Don't know what to do about it but.... It's pretty funny - I mean, not funny because it's serious but funny in a "if I didnt laugh, I'd cry" kinda way!

As a teacher, I HAVE been asked to be the "Recess Police" before! Lots of fun!

Meri said...

I'm here...
and I wish I had all the answers!

What I can tell you is that for 2 years, (4th and 5th grade,) I had to cut J's lunch carb ratio IN HALF. And he would still go low sometimes! There were days, when he would eat less than 20 carbs, I would give him no insulin for lunch. It is totally a guessing game. You are exactly right. Most days he would run around like a maniac, but some days...well, he would just sit and talk with his friends. It's impossible to know exactly what to do. :(

Now that you know what's going on, you'll be your genius self and work with what you got. Our best educated guess is the best we can do. Good luck friend!

phonelady said...

yes Kelly our best educated guess is usually what I went with . I had two boys but only one type 1 and then me and having to figure out what was going on with them and me and then going from there . Nothing when you have kids is easy and especially not with T1 s . It makes it more complicated for sure . I am so glad you figured out what is causing the lows and you will work it out my dear . thanks for sharing and posting and hope all gets worked out . Remember to breathe . :)