Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another 36 today

On my way home from work today the school nurse called to tell me Maddison had a LOW low. 36 to be exact, just about an hour and a half after lunch! That's a pretty scary number. As always, hearing that number caused my heart to skip a beat. Even worse, Maddison didn't really even feel that low. Maddison had come in an hour prior at 75, with no active breakfast insulin. The nurse reportedly gave her 4c and sent her back to class since lunch was in just an hour. The nurse has done this several times already this year, and Maddison would come back at lunch time just fine. But not this time. I dont even see in Maddison's log that they re-checked her sugar again before lunch! Surely they forgot to write it down......right!!?? I'm guessing Maddison went into lunch low and they didnt even know it because they didnt recheck it! AHHHHHHH!!!!

I was angry at myself the whole drive home after that phone call. WHY didn't I change something from yesterday to stop this low today? Because, I thought I had the answer to the low! Yesterday Maddison was 65 2hrs after lunch, but I figured that was because her lunch was an atypical one, only around 30c which is half of the norm. She also reported chasing boys at recess, instead of the normal playing in the sand! Yesterday Maddison's lunch was Turkey and crackers with cheese, a Gogurt and a 2c Lemonade. I convinced myself the lower carbs was the reason for yesterdays low, I guess it wasn't.

36 and now the fear of what could have happened rings in my mind. All the what ifs. Its a weird thing this school year, Maddison's basal rates are HALF of what they were when she had the crazy psycho- meanie- teacher last year. Imagine that. For tomorrow I decreased Maddison's basal to an all time low for a couple hours and upped her ratio from 1:25 to 1:28 for lunch. Wait and see. I HATE the wait and see's! I betcha she'll be high because the lack of rechecking the 75 was actually the culprit. Thats my prediction anyway!

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phonelady said...

Yes it is all the what ifs that get you , is it not ? I hate those what if s . well I guess it is just a case of the big d rearing its ugly head again .