Saturday, September 26, 2009

This about says it all

I had to copy this from Dlife.

"No one could ever understand what a family goes through who has a child with diabetes. I mean it is ‘just diabetes,’ right? To those who know, no explanation is needed and to those who don’t, all the explanation in the world isn’t enough to truly explain. Truth is, it isn’t ‘just diabetes.’ It’s a world that scares the hell out of all of us as parents. It’s a world where no parent should watch their child, or their children, suffer daily.

We don’t need to be told again and again that it could be worse; it could be this disease or that disease. We don’t need to be asked again for the millionth time, “Will they grow out of it?” We don’t need to hear from someone that it’s really not that bad to take a few shots. We don’t need to be called up to the school. We don’t need to worry if the falling down in soccer, or football, or lacrosse, or playing in the yard is part of their activity or are the collapsing from a hypoglycemic reaction - and we hold our breath until they get up again. We don’t need that.

It’s these times. It’s the sleepless nights. It’s playing the diabetes police to our kids. It’s the feeling guilty on playing the diabetes police to our kids. It’s the constant and burning wish that our lives to be normal again.


But we don’t live like there’s a problem, do we? The feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt - and did I mention fear? - are kept inside though, aren’t they? They are kept inside because we want normal again, or as close to normal as can be, for our kids and for us too. So we smile, we try not to overact when things go haywire, we smile when a relative we love says something stupid like “So you just cut back on their sugar, right?’ We cry alone, we cry in silence, but most of all we move on. Most people just do not know what we go through because we do not live our lives in defeat. We try to stay upbeat. But still, deep down inside we all have the fears and showing them outward is something we work real hard just not to do. But they are there, we all know they are."

WOW. Words from my heart, spoken from another parent that loves a child with Diabetes. Words that only us "D" families can truely realate to. Reading this today just warmed my heart, its everything I would say if I could find the words.


Hallie said...

Wow! I love it! I'm sitting here right now with tears in my eyes! It's SO TRUE! It makes me feel like, "YES - someone gets it!". I've got to post it on my blog, if that's ok?
Feeling for you with the nighttime lows. I hate night lows. I hate forcing a child to drink apple juice at night. It usually ends up in tears and juice in the bed.
Don't know what else to say other than: It sucks. It doesnt make sense. Wish I could help. Sending you hugs and prayers!

phonelady said...

amen it could not have been said better . thank you so much . why is it that other parents think we have it so much better than the ones dealing with that disease or this disease ? we are all fighting this disease battle regardless of what it is . it is all hard and you hit the nail on the head my dear , thank you . I hope you have a good wknd .

Joanne said...

Wow, it's like someone peeked inside my brain and wrote exactly what I feel. Thanks for posting it.