Saturday, September 19, 2009


Saturdays are different for Maddison's insulin needs. Imagine that. Sleeping in, zooming around the back yard all day....I never know if she should stay on her weekday basal pattern or if I should switch her to her weekend pattern. With the
1:30pm lows the last 3-4 days I was on the watch out today! But, its Saturday! Saturday is not like a weekday!

I set a temp basal reduction two hours before the expected low time. That set Maddison at a tiny .10 per hour. Guess what was so conveniently scheduled at the exact low time? THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Damn the birthday parties! Oh yes, and THE TRAMPOLINE. Maddison went over to the neighbors birthday party at 179. Pretty decent for zero active, a temp basal and a trampoline. After 20 min of jumping I went down to check her sugar. 126. 8c of fruit snacks....then 152. Then comes pizza. More jumping and then cake. Supposedly with a whip cream frosting.

3 hrs post party......326. So, was that the basal reduction or miscount on the cake? The ratio change I made? Maybe the excitement. Maybe good old Mr Liver giving back after all the trampoline exercise? A great big headache and Maddison climbs in bed for some quiet after the party chaos. Can't our kids just enjoy a birthday party without Diabetes interfering!!?? UGH. So now we will go back to school on Monday still unsure of whats going at every day after lunch. Mondays. Mondays are always the "lets see what Diabetes does this week" day. I'm not liking Saturday birthday party days OR Monday lets see days. UGH. Darn Diabetes.


Wendy said...

Addy is still low, low, low...

I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phonelady said...

Mondays are always the hard day especially when the kids have diabetes , I know it cause my son was always having trouble on mondays too . Oh and the bday partys dont even talk about those . those are the worst !! I will pray for you and Maddison and pray that things get better for you .