Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 1:30 weirdness continues

You know how Diabetes does weird unpredictable, make no sense crazy things? Well, Maddison is still having the WEIRD WEIRD DOUBLE WEIRD, MAKE NO SENSE LOWS every single day at 1:30 regardless of EVERY attempt at reducing her doses!!

This afternoon Maddison checked in at 223 before going down to her buddy's house on the corner. No active insulin. Basal rate is already reduced AGAIN today....Just planning to watch that number and not correct. 2o minutes later here comes Maddison down the street, her buddy telling me Maddison is acting silly and feels urgently low. What time is it? Its 1:20 of course.....she's 80. HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN YET AGAIN!!?? In 20 minutes? That's quite a drop! 13c of Skittles.....I was sure that would set her too high for an 80 wouldn't you think? NOPE. Next check, 58. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??

This weirdness wouldn't be so weird if it were continuing through the day. But a steep drop, STILL after changing everything so drastically? Looks like we are going to turn her basal to zero for a few hours. WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!!


Wendy said...

SAME THING OVER HERE!!!!! Only Addy is dropping aroun 11 am. 188 in the car on the way to church...20 min later, feels low -- checked -- 58!!!!!!!!!!

Juice -- 10 minutes -- 64?????

Already decreased am basals.

WHAT THE HECK?????????

phonelady said...

wow what is going on with that girl ? Maybe she needs to have something else adjusted . I hope all is well and hope you are well too remember to get your rest it is important .

Dee said...

There is a new Faustman update