Saturday, September 26, 2009

60 at midnight

Here we go...... Now we've got lows at night. (The wee hours of morning actually)I've seen a couple of 90's at odd times during sleep for Maddison lately, which as parents of CWD, we know 90 is too low for sleep. We shoot for 130 to feel "safe" at night. So guess what Maddison was at bedtime? 130 EXACTLY. Zero active insulin from dinner. I thought about skipping a midnight check because we haven't had lows at night since swim season. But, something said weirdness is plentiful these days, GET UP TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. So there was 60.

MAN! When the hell did Maddison find the cure and not tell me? She dropped 70pts from 10pm until midnight? Diabetes is just REALLY irritating when you don't know what to expect. We are just trying to sleep here damn it! It always amazes me how the words "drink drink" start Maddison into sucking down a juice box in her sleep. Now, I wait.

Did you ever know juice boxes cause alot of different feelings for me? It means comfort. Comfort because juice makes me feel safe. Juice is Maddison's medicine. A simple juice box takes the paleness from my daughters face and puts the "life" (literally) back in her. Panic. When I realize we are out of juice boxes, I wonder if we will need one tonight. Its much easier to suck down juice than wake a sleeping child to chew on glucose tabs! Its been 30 minutes.......time to recheck the blood sugar....

118. Maddison's tossing and turning. She's telling me she feels yucky and low. She doesn't usually wake up after sucking down her juice. Damn you Diabetes! Can't we just sleep at night!!?? More juice-recheck in another 30 minutes. I'm wondering how many other parents of CWD are with me tonight? 60 at midnight sometimes feels very alone. Sad to think how many other kids are low tonight too. :(

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phonelady said...

Yes I am sure there are plenty and my son was the same way and he just seemed to grow out of it . we still dont know why dear .