Tuesday, September 8, 2009

JDRF Walk video 2009

Oh MAN. After many long days trying to get this video JUST right....I gave up, and ended up with this. It will just have to do. I've been feeling ICKY lately, I have the sore throat, headache and stomache ickies of Strep for two weeks now. Our computer is painfully slow, and its about to make me lose it with this video....so here it is. Our 2009 JDRF walk video! As is!


phonelady said...

omg what a beautifull video abosoloutly awesome . You totally rock and good luck on the monster mashers and I hope you guys raise alot of money . Great blog and have a great day .

Meri said...

I think it is so great! You can absolutely see all the hard work you put into it!