Monday, September 14, 2009

Bandaged fingers

I climbed in bed after checking Maddison- 162. So why can't I sleep? I roll out of bed frustrated that my busy mind wont turn off. Quick sugar check, I'm 163. I just corrected that number an hour prior, I havent budged. Correct again. Whats running through my mind when I should be sleeping?

Today after attending the JDRF luncheon event I spent some time with my Dad. -Sigh- My Dad. No wonder I can't sleep. It seems everytime I visit my Dad lately, I end up an emotional mess. Diabetes made visual. Today my Dad was showing me his bandaged fingers. Three of them. While fixing an outdoor faucet the other day, he lacerated them on some jagged steel, and never felt it. Three bandages on three different fingers. Haunting me in my sleep. Damn you Diabetes.

Tomorrow my Dad goes in for his visit at the wound clinic to follow up on his Xray from Friday. The Charcot foot, please pray for my Dad that his arch has not dropped. I dont know what would happen next if it indeed has. :(

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phonelady said...

I will pray for your sweet daddy and god bless and hope all turns out well.