Monday, October 26, 2009


Last night when we came home from dinner with my Dad, we found the door to Maddison's aviary wide open. I was SURE we double checked it before we left. I was sure the lock was on correctly. I dont know what happened. Maddison's pair of Love birds are gone. "Peep Peep" Maddison's beloved Quail is gone. Two Parakeets and a Cockatiel, gone. They are all gone. Maddison cried for hours and couldn't go to sleep even after we searched outside as best we could after dark. Hannah cried, more than I've seen her cry since Harlee died. And now we search aimless just trying to stay hopeful.

Poor Maddison, she feels so guilty. She keeps saying how mad she is at herself for causing her birdies harm. Maddison said if Peep Peep doesn't come back then she doesn't want an aviary anymore. We are lucky to still have Junie B the Cockatiel and two Parakeets in the aviary. I wonder why they stayed? We all feel terribly guilty and confused how this happened. Its almost like someone came and opened the door for them! We feel empty and saddened without our happy birds singing the day away out in the sunshine.

This morning I woke up at 52. Not a good way to start your day. Once I realized I was low, the extreme hunger took over. 4 bowls of cereal later I figured a workout was not gonna happen since now I had to bolus 4 units to cover the food binge. I hate when lows make you eat out of control! No phone calls from the nurse today :) Maddison was 280's after breakfast, 170 before lunch, and then 138 2 hours after lunch. BUT, the 138 made Maddison feel low. Anticipating a crazy drop into the 20's again, the nurse did exactly as I probably would have done....she gave Maddison 12c of juice just in case. Rechecked in 15 min and saw a 219 so she bolused for the juice. Way to go school nurse! I was very happy she tried to prevent a drop that she thought might be happening.

Tomorrow we start over. Tweak this and tweak that. We will get there, eventually. Right now we are just trying to avoid the weird lows. Tomorrow we will be closer to getting things figured out. Right?


Meri said...

I'm SO sorry about the birds. How heartbreaking!

I'm so glad she had a safe day at school! What a relief!

Hallie said...

I'm so sorry about your birdies! When it rains, it pours. I'll be praying for their safe return - and a better bg day tomorrow!

Wendy said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!

I'm in tears over here over those lost birdies....maybe they'll come home?

(((HUGS))) to all of you....

phonelady said...

Are you sure someone did not open the aviary ? I hate the fact that peep peep is gone . Im glad the other birds stayed . Oh wow I feel so bad for maddison . I hope this does not throw her bgs off. Hugs to both of you . I know how important birds can be to you . Oh my gosh I would devastated if something happened to my bird . I hope the rest of the wk goes better dear .