Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yesterdays post/Ratio's set in the pump

I've had several questions left about yesterdays post when I mentioned Maddison was bolused the wrong ratio at school. How does that happen? Well, Maddison and I both have a MM pump. When setting up the ratio's in the pump, you program by hour. So, at 6am Maddison's pump is programmed for a 1:13 ratio for her first meal of the day, which we all know, usually requires more insulin than other meals of the day. That 1:13 ratio does not change until her lunch meal, because normally Maddison does not have an after breakfast snack before lunch. So, at 1030am Maddison's pump ratio is programmed to change to 1:25 and dose accordingly. Yesterday Maddison had juice bolused by the nurse at 9:45, which means, that time of day the ratio in the pump was still 1:13, which means she was overdosed for the juice. Make sense?

Maddison's 1:13 ratio is ONLY for that first meal of the day. Shouldnt I change the time of ratio change in the pump? Maybe. BUT, Maddison should not be having bolused snacks before lunch at school anyway. She wont starve to death from 8-11am!! Yesterday was an unusual day that the nurse gave a snack because it was a PE day. The reason Maddison's pump isnt programmed to change ratio's until 1030am is because on weekends Maddison may not eat breakfast until 9 or 10 am. Therefore, the pump is set around ratio's times that works for us weekdays AND weekends. Do I really want to change ratio times for school and weekends? I'm thinking I would probably forget half the time. Its better off leaving as is, assuming Maddison isnt eating a snack at school. The nurse knows to call me if she is in the future.

Fingers crossed for today. My long drive to work this morning meant I had too much time to second guess changes I made for today! I hate when I second guess! I'm planning to take today one number at a time, thanks to our nurse who will email me each number. If Maddison still comes in lower around lunch I will have the nurse reduce her lunch bolus. This is week 5 of craziness in numbers. I'm just about done playing nice!!

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phonelady said...

Kelly I hear ya I am so done with up and downs it is not even funny and i am so done playing nice as well . let us both see what happens . I hope it all works out with you and the family . Hugs to all of you dear .