Monday, October 19, 2009

Foster birdy and school makes NO SENSE

Today Maddison was more excited than ever to go volunteer after school. Today Maddison got her first pet bird foster assignment! This Cockatiel is just a total sweetheart....she does a wolf whistle, gives kisses and LOVES her head to be rubbed! She thinks she belongs on your shoulder, and when she climbs up there she rubs her head against your cheek!

This pretty birdy has been lost for several weeks. The person that finally turned her over to the bird rescue hasn't been able to find her home. Surely someone is missing their dear friend.

School. School makes me cringe these days. I didn't make ANY changes to Maddison's insulin dosing for today. Not basals, not a ratio. Fridays 22 followed by an afternoon full of lows was totally and completely random. Random even though I've seen this same thing happen after lunch too many times this year. It doesn't make sense. Maddison was fine all weekend. I knew I couldn't make any changes, because I know something isn't right with those lows at school. I still dont know what it is. I've been wondering if Maddison really is throwing her lunch away and saying she eats it. I've talked to her several times about that, and again today, she assures me she brings back ALL uneaten food to the nurse for carb counting. Today she ate lunch in the nurses office. She started her morning a bit low at 78....then was
250's to 320's the remaining day. Imagine if I had reduced her ratio like I did before for these lows!

WHAT THE HECK IS THE RANDOM 20's AND 30's DOING AT SCHOOL!! For now, all we can do is bolus all food after eating. It just doesn't make any sense. I asked Maddison what she thinks is happening, and she says "her pancreas must be spitting out insulin sometimes causing the lows." I don't know. That's about all I can figure at this point too!

This morning I went to talk to the nurse as school started. I was immediately pulled inside for a lockdown. A real lockdown, again! Right as school was starting! A student reported a man with a gun at the park behind our school. We were in lockdown for over 45 you can believe I had lots to say to the nurse. I asked about the 112 that was reported to me verbally by phone on Friday after Maddison's 22...that was REALLY recorded in her meter as 47......then 43.....then 112 to be seen. The nurse had nothing to say about the 112. All she said was that the aide reported that to her, and that's what she believed when she called me on Friday to tell me about the 22. -Sigh-

The nurse half listened to me this morning as she checked her email and I told her how we need to handle things from now on, always treating lows with 15c, NO MATTER WHAT. I also told her I want a phone call for every number, every day. I will talk to Maddison over the phone and we will do this Diabetes thing ourselves while she observes. I don't know what else to do! School last year = highs. School this year = NO SENSE at all!!


Hallie said...

So frustrating! I'm sorry! It makes my blood boil to hear about the wrong information and the way the nurse treats your concerns as though they are trivial. Grrrr! Let me at her!! Stay strong! You're a good job!!

Wendy said...

OMGsh...Maddison and her Lost Birdy Friend look like BFF's to me :)

I love the way you support Maddison's love of birds and animals. It's very special, you know.

As for school, well......... I have a few comments spinning in my brain, but let's just say the nurse needs to stop taking 20's so half heartedly. OR ELSE!!!!!

phonelady said...

Kelly I am so glad that you are teaching Maddison to contribute to society . I love the fact that she fosters birds . I love my birds and would be devestated if one of them took off . My heart would be broken . I also volunteered after katrina and helped there . It was such a rewarding expierience and maddison will find out this too . Oh well sorry that the school thing is not working out so good for you dear , hope things improve soon .