Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend updates

Saturday Hannah's school Volleyball team lost a single elimination tournament that could have placed them in the district finals. I have never seen so many ticked off parents at a coach! LONG STORY....but coach never wanted to coach this year. Coach is also the crazy lady that taught Maddison last year in 2nd grade, so I know her weird personality all too well. Coach played all her best players in the 1st two games, but in the third deciding game, she played ALL her weakest players. Why? Because if Hannah's team won that third game we would have continued on to the finals, which would have continued all day and into next week. It was obvious to everyone that coach wanted to lose and be done for the season. Seriously. But, that's okay. Hannah was DONE too, she didn't want to continue with this team or crazy coach. Club tryouts are 2 weeks away. Good riddance to crazy coaches!!

Maddison's reduced basal on Saturday to avoid 20's = 280 all day. If you dont get morning right its pretty hard to get the rest of the day right!! MONDAY tomorrow, I'm not sure WHAT to do. As the Endo approved, I lowered Maddison's 7am-9am from .25 to .15 even though I was sure that wasn't gonna work for the weekend. Better to see a some highs than a 20 of course! Today I bumped her basals back up to .20 and still saw results the same as yesterday. I'm dreading sending Maddison to school tomorrow, I really am. I know she's going to run high, but we can't continue on a 20 path.
-Sigh- This is going to painful for me to watch 200's take over in order to avoid lows. What do you do when nothing makes sense?

Today I took Maddison to HEAVEN, a Bird Expo held by the Avian Society that is! You should have seen her face as we walked into the event area. She looked like a child on Christmas morning :) Hundreds of vendors selling anything that has to do with birds, toys, food, treats, cages.....and HUNDREDS of birds for sale from local breeders!!So what did we come home with besides a ton of stuff to make homemade bird toys? Two precious baby Button Quails!!! "Peep" needs a friend in the aviary right? Actually, these babies are newly hatched and can't join the aviary birds for a couple of whats a little girl to do? I guess now Maddison just gives lots of love to hand raise a few more Quail chicks :) ((Pictures coming soon!!))


Wendy said...


Yippee to birdies and a glowing happy face :)

I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow...

phonelady said...

I love birds of course you all know that . button quails are awesome but I hate the fact that the quails some ppl eat . oh well I am sorry you and maddison are having such a rough time .

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear you're STILL having wonky numbers. Night time is our problem area... we just can't find a dose/carb amount that works. FRUSTRATING!

Anyway I also wanted to let you know that the deadline for ordering the shirts is this tuesday. I remember you leaving a comment saying you were interested in ordering a bunch and I don't know if that's still the case, but I'd hate for you to miss out. If you still want to order, just go to my blog and there are ordering intructions there. Thanks!