Monday, October 12, 2009

Zoom Zoom and Khristen

Did I mention the other day that I slept until 11:30am Sunday morning without the kids waking me up? Yep! Maddison's last blood sugar check was at 3am and then I slept until 11:30am STRAIGHT!!! I guess that new computer game Aunt Christie bought the girls is good for my sleep! Maddison was on the low side (70) by the time I popped out of bed freaking out about the time...but WOWIE WOW! I needed that sleep! Guess what? TODAY I SLEPT UNTIL 10am!! (last BS check was at 3am) Two whole days of great sleep? YAY for a no school Monday!

What did catching up on sleep equal today? I was back to ME, back to the normal zoom zoomer I used to be. Lately I've had to drag myself to get anything done around here. Not today! Floors were vacuumed and double mopped (3 dogs in the house!!) Dusting, I made a nice breakfast for the kids, dishes, laundry, dinner in the crock pot, cleaned the pool, trimmed the overgrown bushes surrounding the pool, cleaned the patio (can you say dog hair and dirt?) took Maddison to Home depot to pick out the rest of the garden goods, weeded the garden, planted the garden,(that sounds SO much easier than it really is!)I helped Maddison clean the aviary, bathed 3 nasty dogs, made lunch, did more dishes, cleaned the of THOSE days :) I feel so much better. No wonder I've gained so much weight! I dont zoom anymore!!! I swear I used to burn about 500 extra calories a day just being a zoomer. A little bit of catching up on sleep this long weekend brought back my zoom! Now I just hope my zoom will stay for awhile. Amazing what a little sleep can do.

I must also say, that last night Hannah had her friend Khristen sleep over. Khristen is 11 and we know her family from our support group. Her Dad was dx'd with Diabetes back in the day at age 10 and Khristen was dx'd at age 6, just like Maddison. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this family. Khristen's mom is the nicest person I think I have ever met. Khristen also has two brothers that I think are just the most polite and respectful boys!! Khristen's brothers even spend the night sometimes after we all hang out as families, they are great friends to Maddison too. my eyes, Khristen is just the "ideal" role model for Maddison. She's always so on top of caring for her Diabetes. Of course, sometimes I have to ask her if she checked her blood sugar, but otherwise, she takes the lead and doesn't need any prompting. I can only hope that Maddison cares for herself in the(near) future the way Khristen does for herself. Khristen is a crazy accurate carb counter. She is WAY better than I am in math! (Thats embarrasing!) Khristen is still on shots, which means she can convert her ratio from carbs in a flat second PLUS add in the correction if needed. ( I need a calculator for that!) I am SO proud of Khristen. And guess what? Khristen is starting on a pump tomorrow!!! When Khristen told me this today she just looked SO happy! I literally had tears filling up my eyes and I couldn't help but hug her tight! Khristen has wanted a pump for as long as I have known her. After 5 years on shots I hope the pump transition is good to her!


phonelady said...

yeah you got zoomed . sounds like you also got alot done . Im glad that your girls have such awesome friends .

Meri said...

You seriously did all of that in one day? Hello Super Woman!!!

I bow down to your energy!

Beth said...

Yay! I'm so glad she's finally getting her pump, even though she's done so well on shots. Awesome!