Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diabetes in the books

The other day we made our usual weekly trip to the library. Maddison easily finds 10or 15 books she's interested in. Hannah, is at a tough age, not so many good finds at the library for her lately it seems. I don't normally do much reading (except on the internet!) because if I sit down with a book my eyeballs start rolling around and I just want to go to sleep. At that point, I might as well because I have to read every sentence a hundred times to actually understand it! So anyway, I decided to get some books on nutrition, strength training and such since I need a reminder of how poor my eating habits have been lately.

The good news is, the way I **used to eat** is exactly what is written all over in this book. For the record, I don't believe in "diets" and I have no intention of "dieting" to lose this extra weight. I simply need to get back to my old healthy ways, and I will. I've started to, and, I feel better already. So, the book I am reading (or flipping through) is the "Abs Diet for Women." So much in this book in regards to nutrition, to me, is common sense. I'm pretty sure that comes from the fact that I was raised in a family that followed my Dads Diabetes "diet." We didn't drink soda (until the teen years anyway) and we didn't eat alot of processed foods. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was always fresh foods and fast food was just a Saturday thing. Most importantly, we always had to eat our fruit and veggies before snacking. I already have nutrition covered.

As you know, where there is talk about nutrition, there is also talk about Diabetes. Of course there is never a mention of Type 2 Diabetes. Just the label, Diabetes. Reading this book tonight, I just wanted to SCREAM. I wanted to CRY. I wanted to take the local news station hostage and conduct my own PSA!!! I cannot count how many times this book said "Diabetes is a preventable disease" or "bad eating habits, over eating and lack of exercise results in Diabetes." Seriously....I really just wanted to burn this book to pieces because all the Diabetes bashing. No wonder people are so damn confused about Diabetes. Everywhere you read, Diabetes is mentioned WITHOUT specifying a type. That really just makes me sick. I HATE HATE HATE that people think we have this disease because we have "caused it" by poor eating habits. I HATE HATE HATE that people think my daughters disease is as easy as eating properly, and HATE HATE HATE that people think we can reverse this disease if we would just get control of our eating habits. I hate it. And, I want it to stop. Can't we change the name of this disease to something like...

Autoimmune beta cell destruction disorder
Autoimmune pancreatic failure
Stupid freaking pancreas doesn't work disease

Really. Sometimes I just cant read anymore.


phonelady said...

I so agree with you . and good for Maddison that she likes to read . I love to read too . anybody knows that I am a voracious reader as you all can see from my blog and yes damn you pancreas for not working I so agreee with you .

Wendy said...

AMEN SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!