Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just one day

THIS one day has been a total relief, Maddison stayed beween 110 and 170 ALL day. Ohhhhhh what ONE day of good numbers can do for a Moms soul!! Highs started two days ago, and they ended today. I flipped Maddison's basals back to what they used to be before lows. It worked! WOW. Tonight I will sleep better because of it.

Sometimes ONE day of progress is all you need to see the light again. One day to see Maddison feeling good without lows or highs does SO much. One day to pick myself back up. One day helps me to prepare mentally for anything that lies ahead. Ohhhh sweet victory.


Meri said...

Congratulations! I hope this means a long break from the super crazy numbers! You and your daughter deserve it. :)

phonelady said...

absoloutly congrats may this be a long break . I will pray that it is a very long break from crazy numbers .