Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Darn syrup!

I really like to blame low and high blood sugars on something that would make sense. It makes me feel SO much better, so much less responsible, and so much less confused. Yep. I like to blame all sorts of things when Diabetes goes bonkers. I dont like saying those whacked out numbers "just are" for I will always and forever search for the REASON. Lets see.....yesterday Maddison's low was because of over bolused juice. Yep, that could be. Lets blame the over bolus. Never mind the fact that Maddison has had many lows at this same time of day spread out randomly over 5 weeks. Yep. Forget that. Yesterday it was the overbolus. There. Now I feel better!

So today....lets blame the Syrup. Damn you syrup! Maddison was 344 2hrs PP today. OUCH. Today we ran out of our normal 13c SF syrup. Hidden in the back of the pantry I found THIS......

Maddison LOVES this syrup. But, I can tell you from MUCH experience that this syrup is the devil on blood sugar for Maddison, regardless of it saying 1/4c has 4c. Yep, this syrup was HIDDEN in the back of the pantry for a reason. I never figured out what to bolus for it, even after much experimenting months ago. So, HIDDEN it will stay. Heck, after Maddison was 344 today I might just trash it! Funny how some foods just arent what they say!

Sure, maybe it wasn't the syrup that caused Maddison's 344 after breakfast, but I definitely feel better finding a "reason." Of course, with all the weeks past of lows I increased Maddison's correction factor from 220 to 280....so do ya think she ever came down into range today with that newer correction factor? Nope. 344, 314, 299, 249......ACK. Today, lets blame the syrup. Tomorrow.....who knows! When will Diabetes take the back seat again?!!

Good news, my basal rates are set well! Upon arriving at work today I checked my blood sugar. 124. I corrected.....then I see 0.00 units left in the pump resevoir. WHAT!!?? UMMMMMMM.....WHY didnt the pump ever alarm to tell me I was OUT of insulin!!?? Now I'm 30 miles away with NO INSULIN!!! Good time for a basal test I guess!! I suppose I had enough insulin in the tubing to get me through my day, my BS never went up past the 124. 6hours later and time to go home, I was 102. I guess there is always SOME good news. But geez, Diabetes is just a pain in the A$$ lately!!


phonelady said...

Yes Kelly it is d is a P.I.T.A. and now that I am sick with a cold it has got my sugars all over the place as you can imagine . Yes we will blame the syrup this time and who knows what to blame tommorow right ? Okay well take a breathe and remember we know what you are going through dear .

Meri said...

I am a blamer too...just this morning I turned off my alarm and crawled back into bed...and DIDN"T CHECK THE BOYS AT 1:30!!!!

I totally blamed my husband for not turning the heater up high enough...it was FREEZING! (So when I woke up at 5 and realized what I did, I kicked him out of bed to make sure all was well :)