Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The panic that wasn't

I was a bad sleeping mom last night. I didn't wake up for Maddison's 2am check as I planned. Maddison went to bed too high at 226, it was a fundraiser night for the school at Chick-fil-a which meant Maddison had ice cream with all the other kids. Ice cream.....ohhhhhh how I dread ice cream night. For some reason Maddison can eat ice cream during the day without much problem. At night however, ice cream comes back to haunt Maddison's blood sugar around the six hour mark. To this day I haven't figured out ice cream for Maddison. I like to just hide from it. I've square waved, dual do you stop a high in the sixth hour? Correct it and move on I guess. So, by the time I jumped out of bed at 5am Maddison was 386, and I was ticked off at myself for turning off my alarm!

I was worried about correcting that 386 in full before breakfast because the LOWS that have moved to mornings. So, I decided I would check that correction factor and let Maddison stay home from school an extra half hour while I watched her come down. A later breakfast today helped me see Maddison's correction factor is pretty darn accurate. She was 179 as breakfast started with just .1 active from the correction. I breathed a sigh of relief and sent Maddison on her way to school.

Since breakfast was late, Maddison wouldn't need to check her blood sugar at the scheduled 9:30 time. At lunch Maddison was 79. I silently cheered when the email popped up at work. And then, I started to think too much. I started to worry that the after lunch lows would re-appear because Maddison was only 79 going in to lunch. 79 isn't that far off from the 20's I kept thinking. What if Maddison runs wild at recess today? What if the cooler 60 degree temperature today makes her little body use up so much more energy to stay warm. Using up more energy would mean you burn your calories faster and your metabolism changes which means insulin is used differently Right? I convinced myself all of this was true and would indeed cause a low today. Not just any low, but these scary lows we know all too well.

My heart started racing. I was jittery in fear of 20's at school. I was in full panic mode! I emailed the nurse to ask her to go give Maddison an additional 12c because I feared she would go low. I'm sure she thought I was crazy, but I didn't care at that point. 12:40 was approaching quickly, that's time Maddison has had many lows at school. I was sure my panic was a warning to trust my motherly instinct. And then, I realized.....I'm not panicking! I'm low!!! I forgot to eat my lunch I bolused for half an hour ago!! Sure enough, there was a 40 staring back at me on my meter screen. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I was so worried about Maddison that I forgot to eat my lunch! So that is my story about the panic that wasn't! LOL

And what happened with Maddison getting the extra 12c without insulin? She was 337 for her 2pm snack time, and I wanted to kick myself. :) Lesson learned.


Hallie said...

Don't kick yourself! You're doing a great job! Sleeping thru an alarm isn't a crime - I'd be in jail if it was. Just don't forget to take care of you!!

Meri said...

1) I love chick fil a! The closest one is a full 45 minutes away so I only get it once or twice a year. :(

2) It's just like a good mom to forget about herself and worry about her child! I'm glad you felt your low before YOU were in the 20's!

Glad she (and you!) had a safe day!

Wendy said...

Guess what? You're winning. I don't care what those numbers say -- you have the D Monster beat at his own game....know how I know?????

Cuz you're awesome :)

phonelady said...

yes I have done that too . I have been so worried about my son that I have been low and shaking because I was so worried I have forgotten to eat . Is that not crazy ? I have done it . You are not a bad mom cause you did that and many hugs to you . I think when are children have things wrong with them we take it personally .You are a wonderfull mom many hugs and it will get better .