Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She's a funny one, HUNGER AND Testing too much!

Today when I picked up Maddison from school she was SO happy to tell me that the school is nearing closure. Apparently, Maddison overheard a conversation the nurse was having with the Principal.....Maddison says that they were adding up numbers of absent children today and she heard them discussing that when they reach 400 kids absent with flu type illness, the school will close for what she called "germ cleaning." Maddison says there were just over 200 kids out today and she wished she were one of them. Funny things kids say! Maddison really dislikes school, can you tell?

Lately Maddison has been crazy hungry! She eats and then an hour later she says she is "starving." Maddison has never been a big eater, so this is all pretty new. We always balance her eating with protein, but lately NOTHING seems to help. Lows sometimes equal hunger of course, so we have been testing when she is "starving" to see if hunger means low. Maddison eats a snack at 2pm on school days, and by the time she gets home an hour later she is "STARVING." So, today I gave her some turkey and cheese with goldfish crackers. An hour later on the dot, "SHES STARVING" I just dont know what the deal is. An hour later- STARVING. I kid you not. Every hour on the dot. Growing I suppose.....it would help if she had a fruit or veggie in there for meals and snacks, but that isnt happening if you know my Maddison. Or unless your name is broccoli-tips ONLY. I just dont know what to do to help her feel better, I'm hoping it isnt wild swings in blood sugar causing the hunger!

Testing, testing.....lets see.....15 times a day? That sounds about right. That sounds just about ridiculous too! The first month of school we were doing so well! Looks like this year is starting to be a repeat of school years past. I just dont understand! Today Maddison tested an additional 4 times at school for feeling low. Her day looked like this:

8am 160 (1hr PP) FELT LOW
9:34am 60 Here's the drop, I need to change that basal back!
9:51am 138
11am 118 (going to lunch)
1pm 137
2pm 136 snacktime
2:20pm 147 FELT LOW
3:14pm home from school FELT LOW

Thats testing 7 times in a 7 hour school day!!!!!! This has been a common testing routine at school. (the nurse comes to Maddison to test) This doesnt happen every day, but often. So, I asked Maddison what these lows feel like that are causing her to test. She said she feels "like she is floating on a cloud." I'm sure she does.....but why? I know sometimes when I'm around the 180's I feel "high" as in "high" like you would think "high" feels like! (not that I know what that feels like :)Lately Maddison has also been complaining of feeling "weak." Could she be anemic? She looks pale to me lately too. Shortness of breath.....her labs were all fine a few months back....maybe a Thyroid issue is looming? Holy moly, weakness, anemia.......that could equal Celiac too couldn't it? What the heck is going on? We can't possibly be testing her this often every day! Her poor little fingers! I wonder if she's testing so much becasue she is fearful of lows after all the scary one's she's had at school this year? I wonder if she's spiking and dropping from one extreme to the other causing her to feel this way? I'm not sure what to do next. I hate wondering if the other symptoms are "D" related or if another autoimmune attack is happening causing these weird symptoms. How can we stop this testing too much!!??


John said...

Hello! How are you? I have added your blog on my Diabetes blogroll, can we exchange link?

phonelady said...

I hope you all get this figured out soon dear . This all sounds so confusing . wow that just floors me .

Ms Bibi said...

Poor Maddison. I hope you'll find out soon what is the cause and she'll be able to resume her normal testing.

I know how my son gets annoyed when he feels low or high at school and has to test often.