Thursday, October 15, 2009

Found it!

I've been looking everywhere for Maddison's poem entry to the 2009 "Inspired by Diabetes" campaign/competition from earlier this year. I FOUND IT!!! I was certain that this years poem would earn Maddison at least another 3rd place, if not a
1st place in the poetry competition for her age group. Many months ago the winners were chosen and we never heard a thing, so, no placement this year. I thought this poem was exceptional compared to Maddison's 3rd place winner last year. One things for sure, this poem is 1st place to me. I couldn't believe her choice of words when she quickly jotted down her submission in about 2 minutes flat. In this poem she says she was thinking of how one day she knows there will be a cure. Here it is.....

Be Strong

Behind this door
there is a flicker of light
a chance to break free

it is a reason to love
a song undiscovered
a day to live unscared
a day protected

It is a river of freedom
a path to freedom

-Maddison age 8


phonelady said...

sounds good . she is the budding poet huh ? thanks for sharing and posting this .

Meri said...

Well, I'm inspired.

What a beautiful poem!

Jack's Pack said...

This is beautiful! And so eloquently written, especially for an eight-year-old. I can't believe she didn't win anything for this. Tell Maddison to keep writing (the girl's got talent!) and never give up hope for the cure! I read your other post too, and sure hope she feels better soon!

Hallie said...

WOW! Awesome job! I love it!