Monday, October 5, 2009

I can't tell what is what!

This weekend was fun filled, yet chaotic. Hannah's school volleyball team participated in "Spike Fest" a Vball tournament for our school district on Friday night for 4 hours and then again Saturday ALL day, 12 hours total. WHEW. Thats alot of Volleyball! Talk about Maddison getting bored! Our school team is a major downer, a big difference from playing "club" volleyball!! I just couldnt watch the games without my blood pressure(and probably blood sugar) exploding from the stress of watching our team play so poorly. Our team was a mess. Oh well, "club" tryouts are coming soon, so Hannah will be back to training with a great team soon before we know it.

Maddison ran in the 180's- 230's all day Saturday after eating so much junk being stuck at Volleyball for so many hours. Thats called, no progress on figuring out numbers :( Yesterday on Sunday Maddison was in range all day until the kids chose to take a late night "swim." Yes, swim. October 4th and the kids insisted the pool was warm enough. I'm guessing the water is now down to around 75 or so, thats COLD for us Arizonians! Their "swim" lasted about 1 minute flat. Two hours later, Maddison was 409. I think we forgot to prime insulin before re-attaching the pump. For some reason, everytime Maddison takes her pump off the insulin pulls back into the tubing leaving a line of bubbles. I dont think the pump should do that!

Back to school today I had NO IDEA what to expect from numbers. I hate Mondays. Monday tends to set the tone for what Diabetes will do THIS week. Of course today was a PE day too, PE is scheduled right when Maddison's breakfast insulin is peaking. FABULOUS. One more variable. WONKY comes in today because the nurse is doing so many WEIRD things, I can't tell what is what!! Today I'm REALLY frustrated. Juice, a snack, PE, bolused the wrong ratio. How the HELL do I actually know what adjustments need to be made when Maddison's snacking and being bolused with the wrong ratio?

8:50am Maddison is 169 2hrs PP w/ .8 active (Nurse gave 15c juice just because she felt like it)

9:32am After PE Maddison was 139 w/.5 active (Good thing the nurse gave 15c of juice earlier!) Maddison "wanted" more juice, so the nurse let her have ANOTHER juice!!!! She bolused 15c for the juice, using the WRONG 1:13 breakfast ratio instead of the correct 1:25 ratio for AFTER breakfast eating. Also gave 6c PB crackers unbolused. Now.....lets see. Maddison was 139 with .5 active.....she technically shouldnt have been bolused for that juice, and yet it was ALSO the wrong ratio. Seems to me this is where the problem started, even though you wont see the low until after lunch.

11am lunchtime, Maddison was 182 with .3 active, which if I go by my knowledge, means Maddison would be too low by the time the .3 wears off. (Her daytime ISF is 280right now) SO, does this mean the WRONG snack bolus actually caused the low later after lunch? I'm thinking so!!! No wonder Maddison was 42 just 1.5 hours after lunch! I wonder what tomorrow will bring? My orders for tomorrow? No juice because Maddison's thirsty, and no eating just because she's hungry. She wont starve to death from breakfast to lunch! I cant tell what the hell is going on when Maddison's getting juice and snacks every hour! Of course, if Maddison comes in low tomorrow we just LATHER*RINSE*REPEAT the same damn chaos.

Sometimes the numbers run together. Sometimes you just can't tell what is what. Last year we dealt with crazy highs when school started, this year, its crazy lows. I've begun to wonder if Diabetes was "easier" back in the day. No multiple shots, and certainly no different ratios for different times of day. No 15 finger pokes a day. No "micromanaging" with expectations that drive a parent crazy. Good range was considered anything under 200, today we strive for under 130. There wasn't any eating whatever and whenever you want. I know for ME, I would lose a couple pounds AND have less highs if I wasn't able to just push a button and bolus for whatever I want. Of course we are fortunate to have these types of advancements in managing Diabetes. Sometimes, though, I just wonder. Its an awful lot of work, still, without promises.


Meri said...

So frustrating! I'm sorry.

Can you cut the nurse out for a week and have Maddison call you at work when she checks her sugar to get a better handle on things? I guess that would be a lot of calls during the day at work...I wish I could help!

phonelady said...

Hugs to you . I will pray that it all gets figured out soon my dear . I know it is driving you crazy and it did me too while my son was at home and little .well I hope things get easier if not better soon .

Anonymous said...

I guess I do not understand when you say "the wrong ratio" The ratios are programmed into the pump, at least on animas and cozmo they are. Are you haveing the nurse override the programmed ratios? I bet that would cause some confusion if she did not have a cheat sheet in front of her. Our school nurse is not allowed to override what the pump is programmed for unless she speaks with us first, everytime. I hope you get it all figured out

katerina said...

I think you are doing a really good job. diabetes numbers have also been crazy for us too. What applied one month ago or last week doesnt apply this week!!! I am a bit confused about the low you mentioned why would you blame the previous bolus and not the lunch bolus? The previous bolus should be over right? also 1.5 hour after lunch is exactly the time that insulin is mainly at its peak. maybe I am missing something?