Friday, October 16, 2009


I dont know WHY she waited an hour to call me. I dont know WHY she doesn't follow the low treatment protocol, its there in the 504. Its written plain as day. We just went through the low protocol a few weeks back. And, once again, I dont know WHY she doesnt believe the meter when a number is under 30. Why is there another number under 30!!!??? School nurse!! Tell me why there is another number under 30 that you treated like it was a false reading!! WHY!!!!!??????

The last two days, Maddison has been 200-380's at school. I didnt make ANY changes to basals or ratios for today. I planned to watch and see what today brought. Good thing I didn't change anything for the highs. Today Maddison was 22 an hour and 15min after lunch. TWENTY TWO. I never got a call. When the nurse called me an hour AFTER the 22 this is how our conversation went......

"Hi, Maddison's having some weird lows again today. It started with a 22 that couldnt have been right. That number must have been wrong from water on her hands after washing them. So, we re-checked and she was 112."

BUT GUESS WHAT!!!???? The regular RN called me today, even though SHE WASNT THE NURSE TREATING MADDISON TODAY!! THE AIDE WAS, AND THAT NUMBER AFTER THE 22 WAS NOT 112.......LOOKING THROUGH THE METER AT SCHOOL I FOUND IT WAS 47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT KNOW WHERE SHE GOT THE 112, BUT THERE WAS NOT A 112 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WAS GIVEN UNTRUE INFORMATION!!!

SO, Maddison's numbers went like this....

930am 122
11:15am 155 lunch
12:28pm 22 YES THATS ANOTHER TWENTY TWO!!!! Nurse says it wasnt valid.

12:29pm 47 rechecked to verify the low. 22, 47.....thats close enough variance to treat it as a VALID 22 wouldnt you think!!!!!!!???? She took the 47 and gave 8c.

12:54pm 43 8c

1:10pm 58 3c THREE CARBS!!!???

1:30pm 78 6c

2pm By this time, I was AT the school picking Maddison up. The regular nurse is in teaching drug awareness classes to 6th grade all day and took Maddison with her to watch the lows so the Aide didnt have to worry about them. I walked into the classroom and snatched my girl OUT OF THERE.

I'm so ticked off, I dont know what to think. Of course, the 22 isnt the Nurse's fault. BUT, treating a 22 like it wasn't valid and treating 40's TWICE with just 8c IS a fault. THIS IS MY CHILDS LIFE HERE!!! I dont understand. I just dont understand!! We have talked about THIS! Just a few weeks ago we talked about THIS!!!

I'm actually kind of numb this time! I just can't believe that the nurse SERIOUSLY didnt believe the 22 AGAIN, and only treated it with 8c!!!! So, whats next? Maddison has a seizure at school and she forgets about the Glucagon? I am SCARED TO DEATH to leave my child at school knowing my direction is not being taken!!!! How does a 22 happen after a week of highs? Where do we go from here?


phonelady said...

Okay where you from here Kelly is to talk to the principal and tell them that if something happens to your child while she is in their care that they are totally responsible for this child and you will sue the pants off of them . They have an obligation under the law to protect your child while in their care and if they fail to do so there is not a court in the world that will not find them guilty . sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire . Im sorry if I seem a little stern dear but this is something I went through with my own child untill the ex husband had , had enough and he ended paying for private school and I know that this might not be an option for you . well take a deep breathe and take care and dont let all of this overload you . we are here if you need us . thanks for sharing and posting this.

Meri said...

You need to talk to someone who is the head of the school district and expain that the nurse is not following protocol and lying to you. This woman should needs to be put in her place, or she needs to go away. If my child was 22 I would be throwing the kitchen sink in his mouth. 8 carbs, that is unthinkable!

I'm pretty close to flying out to Az and giving this woman a piece of my mind!

AjsMommy82 said...

All I can say is she needs to be fired and FAST before something bad happens!

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGOODNESS I Understand your frustration and as *we* all know a low like that needs to be treated FAST!!!! Wow... so sorry to hear that you are dealing w/ that AGAIN and that Maddy has to continually indure that w/ the nurse... frustrating!!!! to say the least!

If you're interested in a alternative solution to reg. public school we just started my son in kinder in a public online charter school called "Arizona Virtual Academy" they use the curriculum and so far are awesome. It's tuition free and based from home, but governed the same as any public charter school... just an FYI if it ever gets to that point....


~Tammy, Proud Mom to Zs (Forever 5), Zw (5 next month!) dx'd @ 21 Months old w/ type 1, pumping animas since 4/07, and Pt (18 months old)

Amy said...

WOW!!!! I would be TERRIFIED to leave my child in the care of someone like that!!! I'm no expert in the "school arena" since Jada is just 4--but it sounds like some drastic measures need to be taken. Has she told you WHY she doesn't believe the meter? Does she fully understand the consequences of NOT believing the meter???
I'm often amazed at the incompetence of healthcare "professionals" and how they don't understand some basics of this disease!
So sorry you're having to deal with this!

Jack's Pack said...

OMG I am steamed after reading this post! Maddison should NOT be treated that way. You should NOT have to worry about her welfare. The nurse should know better. Talk to the nurse again. Talk to the principal. Advocate for her so that she's safe and you can quell your fears. You and Maddison deserve better. Hang in there! Be strong! And know that there are many of us out there who really care and feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Yes, looks like the nurse lied to cover her youknowwhat... not surprised. But the 8 gram, 3 gram thing, keeping the child with her for an hour out of class while she SLOWLY brings her blood sugar up... The nurse is totally ignoring your instructions and just using her own lack of judgment. I would take matters into my very own capable hands -- and we have done so here for years -- every blood sugar check, every lunch bolus, before and after gym, before she gets on the bus, have her call you, put Madison on the phone and treat your daughter. It is time the school nurse is relegated to mere observer here. If the nurse refuses to let Madison use her phone to do this, have Madison use a cell. And Madison should have a cell phone on her person, you should be on speed dial, sugar on her person at all times (large lifesavers work well). Problem is, when a child is that low, they are not thinking clearly and not able to treat themselves. I would go to the principal, and superintendant level, keep the meter, download it, bring a complaint to the nursing board if need be. That woman has no business being responsible for a diabetic child. You are going to have to do this yourself. P.S. We never worry anymore; we always know what is going on; each phone call is very brief and I would never go back to having a nurse making decisions that I would rather make again. Do not leave it up to them.

Wendy said...


I would be spitting fire. SPIT.TING.FI.RE!!!!!!!!!!

I think you need to request a meeting with the DISTRICT HEAD NURSE.

That's what I had to do when Addy was in PreK -- and I brought Anne Dennis with me. Because they wouldn't check her when she said something was wrong -- I let it go until, well, October of that yaer and then called in the big guns.

Seriously, Kel. You need to take a stand.

You know, I'm that crazy mother in the PUSD...

Crazy? Or just scared for my child's life???