Friday, December 19, 2008


After waiting out 8 hours in the doggie ER, the vet called to inform me that Harlee wasn't getting better as expected with the IV fluids. A repeat xray now showed a pretty definative obstruction. Harlee was increasingly more unresponsive and the vet needed my decison immediately. He also needed full payment up front if I wanted him to save Harlee's life. How sickening is that? I repeatedly explained our situation with Josh's temporary unemployment, COBRA expenses, etc. I pleaded with him to proceed with the surgery and consider payments. After stressing to him the fact that I have taken all our Goldens to him for over 8 years, he finally began to listen and put his business demeanor aside. I reminded him how our first Golden suffered from Leukemia at age 6, then we got Roxxie as a puppy. Roxxie had an allergic reaction to vaccinations, swallowed a rock months later, and then had pregancy care at his office last year. Roxxie's litter of 8 puppies all came to his office for care from day one. Thousands of dollars later and many puppy referrals later he wouldn't save my poor dogs life?

So drama behind us, he asked if I could pay $500 up front and weekly payments of $500 until paid in full. WHAT? Weekly payments? No way. I agreed I could pay bi-weekly, which pretty much was a dileberate lie to save Harlee's life. Wrong? Of course, but Harlee is alive and the vet will be paid as we have the ability to do so. If this had been a terminal illness and Harlee wasn't so young we wouldn't have felt as inclined to save his life. But..... Harlee is just 11 months old and has a long life ahead of him, this was just an accident. We love our Goldens as our children, no matter how crazy they make me most days.

Total cost? $1700, much less than the $2500 I expected. Now we hope he recovers well and avoids complications. Poor Harlee, what a crazy situation. When it rains it pours that's for sure. We will probably be paying for this unexpected expense for what seems like an eternity. All that really matters is that Harlee is okay.

On the Diabetes front, Maddison is on a 200% basal DECREASE for Christmas vacation that started today. This is just a wild guess of predictability. She was 65 after breakfast, which wasn't corrected so easily. She finally hoovered at a nice 128 until she left to spend the day with her Auntie. Despite having to guesstimate her carbs for lunch over a phone call, I did AWESOME based on what she would typically eat at her favorite restaurant. A horribly fattening meal at Red Robin Burgers (Grilled cheese, steak fries, and a Snickerdoodle)(Gotta love Aunties) and 80c later, she came home hours later at......83 and zero active insulin!!! WOW, that made my day. So we see how the xmas vacation goes.....

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Lynnea said...

Oh..I'm so glad Harlee's o.k. & you figured out basals...J.J. is running 130% the past week.