Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The buzz in blog land

One person's lack of compassion and extreme ignorance has everyone in Diabetes Blogger land lashing out. Read what what my dear blogger friend Hallie posted about all this today. Yes, people with Diabetes experience this kind of ignorance every day.


Shamae said...

The letter is so infuriating but it is great to see all us D folks rally together to start a movement. Thanks for being part of it.

phonelady said...

yes we do and I felt the need to write to that ignorance directly to the paper .

Hallie said...

Glad you liked it!!
I'm so sorry about your lows! I wish someone had the magic answers, too! I get so sick of analyzing bg.
Also sorry to hear about your birds. Any news?? Maybe there is a bird bandit on the loose? I'll be praying for you all! Life can be rough!

Anonymous said...

Saw this elsewhere. I can't believe the poster's opinion was published in an editoria. I fault the newspaper who published this almost more than the sociopath that wrote it.