Thursday, October 15, 2009

This week

Diabetes isn't cooperating a bit this week for Maddison, a big mess of randomness. Maddison's not herself this week because of it. I dont know if Maddison's just feeling icky from the randomness and so many highs, or if an icky germ of some sorts is causing the highs. She's tired all day. Quiet. Dark circles. Headaches. Stomach aches. Grumpy. Emotional. Class work is starting to show it. -Sigh- I'm really sad for my Maddison today. I miss her zooming around feeling good. I miss her silliness. She isnt any of that this week. Damn Diabetes.


phonelady said...

yeah it always kicks butt and there is not a dang gone thing we can do about it which stinks . I feel for ya . take care and thanks for sharing .

Kris said...

Poor girl. Sometimes it just wipes them out, doesn't it? Stupid D. I hope she starts feeling better soon. (((HUGS))) to both of you!