Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gotta love a 3 day weekend

Another great weekend with fabulous weather! Can you believe its still 90 degrees in AZ? Funny that for us Arizonians 90's is considered perfect weather for trips to the zoo, hiking, long evening walks and such. This time of year is exactly why so many stay here despite the killer summers.

Friday night the girls played outside with all the neighbor kids pretty late while parents enjoyed the weather and some wine. Apparently, I over did my before bed snack (because of the wine) and ended up in the 380's until morning. I can't/wont give corrections in full after a glass of wine (or two) but.....I was SHOCKED to see I was STILL 380's upon waking Saturday morning. WOW. I guess I should have measured that ice cream "snack" I had before bed! I cant tell ya the last time I had a 380.....I FELT LIKE DEATH. Every muscle ached, my mouth was dry, even my eyes were buring from being so dry! Headache, foggy brain......ACK.

380 would have been a GREAT excuse to sleep in, but the girls were going to Aunt Christie's while I headed off to a Diabetes seminar at Phx Childrens Hospital with my dear friend Wendy. I really thought I would walk away from this seminar with a wealth of information and renewed hope for the future. Not so. The program was 4 hours of basics. No update on current studies or advancements in technology. Just the basics. What a bummer. BUT, I think it was a great class for the newer Diabetes crowd. Most importantly, I got to spend time away from the mommy grind while the girls were having some dairy farm fun with Auntie. Even Hannah enjoyed the trip to see the dairy farm, and she LOVED the fresh ice cream!

After the seminar Wendy and I got to chat over a nice long lunch! I havent gone out on my own without kids in FOREVER!! It was SO nice! Although I still had foggy brain and felt low all day after being so high all night (I was in the 150's all day) it was a great day regardless of how I felt physically. The wrath of 380's really linger even if numbers are good! Maddison's numbers were FANTABULOUS all day Saturday. A huge plus!

Maddison's numbers have been awesome all day today as well, except she's still complaining of headaches, stomach aches and now dizziness. -Sigh- I'm thinking I might just take her to a GI doctor afterall. Why would a nine year old have so many headaches and tummy aches? Tummy aches come right after eating. Headaches linger all day. Poor Maddie.

Tomorrow.....NO SCHOOL!! YAY!! I think we will be off to the park for some more fishing. I have to go in and get my 6 month labs drawn. I dont even want to know. It is what it is of course, but I dont want to see how lazy I've been! Maybe my terrible a1c will be motivating. Who knows. No worries, its a happy long weekend!!


Meri said...

Long lunches are my FAVORITE! So glad you got some you time!

Winter is coming to California, it was cold all day today and it's supposed to rain early in the week.

Wendy said...


It was alot of fun hanging with you and re-learning the basics...

Anyway, I'm happy you're feeling good!

And I can't wait for Maddie's sleepover :)

phonelady said...

Glad you got the day off . Hubby has to work and still in the 90s here in florida and I hate it and cannot wait to move to Ohio Yay . Hubby finally got his transfer notice job should come available in March or April . I m so thrilled .

Jack's Pack said...

So you had ice cream issues this weekend, too!

I realy hope Maddison is all right! Poor kiddo. I feel for her.

Hope you're enjoying your day off today!!

CraftyLikeLindy said...

When Adia was having headaches we got her eyes checked. Maybe some glasses would help that problem..