Thursday, June 12, 2008

Proud as can be

Wednesday at work Josh called me to say Maddison recieved a package. Inside the package was notification that she had won 3rd place nationally in the "Inspired by Diabetes"
global competition!!! She has an "elegant" trophy now to show for it. Her first trophy that is. She is sure to mention that to everyone. She also had $500 donated in her name to the global efforts around the world in which the program sponsors. She is so proud, and she should be. She has amazed me with her great attitude towards this Diabetes demon each and every day.

Maddison chose to write a short poem for her entry which had to include a reason that she is "Inspired by Diabetes"........

Why I am Inspired

I am inspired by Diabetes because I know I can make a difference to all children in this world. Technology has given me an insulin pump, so I know one day we are getting closer to a cure.

Yes, that really came out in her own words. I guess she really does listen when I speak. Here is her winning poem entry......

If Only

If only I could be Diabetes Free
my dreams would come true
If only I could eat when I want to
I would be just like you
To donate money my dreams could come true
If only I had a map to show me to a Diabetes free world.

-Maddison Lyons, age 7

I have cried every time I think about her entry. Of course, with a smile on my face. "Proud" is just the beginning of how her winning entry has made me feel. Maddison has come a long way from being the meltdown child that she once was when Diabetes was invading her body and spirit early on, for years. She is healthy again, she is who I knew she really was. I feel like I have my little girl back. She starts each morning with a smile and eagerness for what the day will bring. SHE is inspiring, I know that she will continue to amaze me with the grace in which she handles the ups and downs of being a child with a chronic illness. She doesn't let it interfere with being a kid, and that is what matters most.

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Anonymous said...

That is SO cool! What a beautiful trophy and she looks so proud. The poem brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet girl. Way to go Maddison!!!