Friday, April 24, 2009

Testing break today

Today the girls had off school for "testing break" which means I get to take the day off work :) I LOVE having my girls all to myself for the day! Maddison has been dying to see the movie "Earth" so we went out for pizza and games and then on to the movie theatre. "Earth" is totally a Maddison movie, but it was not much interest to her little friend that came along, or Hannah. The movie was pretty much like an Animal Planet Special. We were bored to death, but Maddison loved every minute of it!

Being off school today meant we all got to sleep in! BONUS! I started my day with another grueling work out, this time, determined to decrease my basals right instead of sucking on Lifesavers all day. Bad news is the pizza place didn't have the salad bar I expected to eat, so who knows if basals were decreased right with pizza on the menu! I ended up in the 60's twice before we got to the movies (after pizza on a square wave and decreased bolus!) so you can imagine how the popcorn just jumped into my mouth once we sat down to watch the movie, LOL. I mean was quite a sight to see me eating popcorn like that while hoovering low. Talk about mad eating frenzy! LOTS of popcorn later, I bolused half again and an hour later there's another low. Darn extra butter! Guess I didnt get the temp basal right afterall. Try again tomorrow.

I was shocked today that despite all the crap Maddison ate (cereal for breakfast, pizza, candy, gumballs, popcorn and PB cups) she never went higher than 190. And if she did, at least I didn't SEE it. Thank you meter for sparing me the visual today :) Normally eating days like this for Maddison is a given inflicted 300 or higher. I decided awhile back to just bolus high. Like, 10 carbs higher for everything I guesstimate. So far this approach has worked wonders when eating out. Maddison got to be a total junk eater today, and loved every minute of it. You should have seen her little friends face as I continually said YES to any candy or food request. It was priceless. Yep, Maddison had a little extra spring in her step today. Not sure if that was happiness or all the sweetness! Happy Friday everyone!

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