Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maddison's new pet, a growing Goose and Easter!

For Easter Maddison only wanted a pet lizard. This Easter bunny had a plan to give in and surprise her Easter morning with just that. (only because I hate buying useless, meaningless gifts) After doing some research, I realized the Easter bunny would have to fork out around $100 for this stinky pet. Not exactly an Easter gift budget. Lucky Maddison, Grandma's gift this year was $40 cash. In an instant she realized with her piggy bank savings she could buy her OWN lizard with a bit of help from the Easter Bunny. Being that we never actually taught our kids to believe in the Easter Bunny, I gave her my Easter Bunny word. Her gift from the Easter Bunny would be help to buy her new pet. Surprisingly, as we turned in all Maddison's savings she totalled over $87 in hard earned cash. Here he is, "Keeko" Maddison's new cherished Bearded Dragon.......

Look at "Goose Goose!!!" He isn't the tiny goose he used to be! Pretty soon it is time to release him into a new home.

Easter was spent today at my parents house. Normally our home is the Holiday gathering spot, but with my Dad being immobile we planned Easter to accommodate Dad. He is doing GREAT by the way! Today was a simple, nice and relaxing day spent with family. My parents, my precious little Niece Sammi who is growing too fast, 8 months flashed by in the blink of an eye. Makes me want to hold on tighter to my two little girls!! So, we are home early tonight and planning to have family movie night curled up on the couch together. Most likely, with a silly lizard in hand as Maddison smiles. Happy Easter everyone!

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Naomi said...

My daughter asked if we could get a lizard this weekend! I gave her the "mother look" and asked her if she had cleaned the hamster cage yet.

I wish I could see the picture -- it shows up as a blank white square on my screen. Congrats on your new family member!!!