Friday, April 3, 2009

Over it

After the mid-day frustrations, I decided to take Maddison and the Goldens to the park to forget about my stress and sorrows. We all feel much better, and thank goodness its Friday! I'm over my insane burst of emotional distress!I think Maddison's earlier headache was from all the blowing wind today, I'm wondering if she needs some allergy testing done. Her blood sugar came down easily and stayed down once she rested.

For now I'm over todays crazy range of emotions centered around Rx's, high blood sugars and losing school nurses. I've decided to spend a night on the couch with my girls, my goldens and a good movie. No better way to forget about it all! Happy Friday to everyone...and thanks for hearing me in my earlier post when I freaked out a bit. I guess there's no blogging quite like the moment of chaos blogging! (laughing at myself here)

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Scott K. Johnson said...

The moment of chaos blogging serves a purpose - to record the things we have to deal with to live a normal life.

I say if it calls to be written about, let it be written!

Glad you're feeling better, and here's to a fantastic weekend!