Thursday, April 16, 2009

Positive reinforcement, the way to go

My endo appointment was so much better than expected today! Just when I thought my Endo was going to nit pick every little high, she had nothing but "EXCELLENT" to say. My Endo even told me that since my A1c has stayed between 6.0 and 6.3 the past year that I no longer need to come in every 3 months!! SHE told ME to schedule every 6 months! I can't believe she said that! Of course, now I betcha anything that my numbers will probably go wonky and I'll be back sooner anyway. I can see it honeymoon will end and I'll end up in DKA because of some freaky site infection or something.....just because she gave me the go ahead to schedule less often. Isn't that the way things always go?

I was also surprised today to hear that my thyroid is "back to normal" and I didn't show any Thyroid antibodies in lab work this time around. My weight is back down to better, though I can still see all those girl scout cookies on my a$$ :) Darn thin mints! She did ask if I'm back to excersizing every day, but I was honest and told her that I choose sleep instead right now. I did get lectured for not staying "active" but if she knew me she would know that I rarely sit down during the day, aside from my desk job. I'm always active, just not in an excersize kind of way. :( Being that I was praised today and not picked on, I feel motivated to do better. Now, THATS what you call positive re-inforcement, something I strongly believe in! Tell me I'm doing well, and I believe I can do better. My A1c was up from 6.0 to 6.1, which is probably because I have very few lows compared to months past. I realized today when my Endo used to nit pick every little high and low, I would totally doubt myself and fall victim to doing nothing to improve those numbers just because she was so discouraging by seeing the "bad" numbers, and not mentioning the "good" numbers. I'm really surprised today that she took the positive approach and didn't even mention what times of day need work (like after dinner!)

I decided to ask my Endo about Charcot's foot (my dad's newest ailment) and see if it is really as uncommon as the statistics showed on WebMD. Her response was not exactly what I expected. She told me that she has 6-7 patients with Charcot's foot at this time. I thought Charcot's foot was "rare" occouring in only 1% of the Diabetic population? I questioned the prognosis, and she said that unfortunately, the prognosis is grim because most people with Charcot's foot go back to walking on it right away, being that they can't feel the pain in their feet and legs from the Neuropathy that worsened the condition in the first place. YIKES. Sucked to hear that, even though I pretty much expected her to say it.

For now I'm pleased with my appointment today, but the kids are driving me crazy being bored on an early release day! I think its time to find our way to the park for awhile.......


Hannah said...

Way to go!! I'm glad you got positive info from the doctor.

I hope that your knowledge of your dad's condition can help him recover better than others with the same thing.

Jill said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Ohhh I'm so happy things went well for you :) It's funny how we usually associate "positive reinforcement" with kids but it also works wonders for adults as well ;) Time for you to get out the rut and hold your head high girlie!!! WOOOHOOOO!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go! I just LOVE positive feedback. It is so empowering!