Saturday, April 4, 2009

Determined cost

Caremark called this morning asking for authorization to charge my debit card $640 for my 3 months of test strips and Novolog. Can I just puke now? The woman on the phone said that because the amount exceeded a "normal" shipment cost, she needed to have my verbal agreement to charge my card on file. "NORMAL" this amount certainly is not! And, double that to include Maddison's supplies that will soon be ready to ship. Luckily, we can stretch out the insulin. Not so lucky on the test strips. Then there is the pump supplies, THAT I haven't even gotten an estimate on yet. So, I sit and I prepare my next appeal, and hope the benefits department understands how THEY elected the incorrect RX plan. I'm not feeling too optimistic as the little man up against the big, evil insurance company. All I know is this determined cost is excessive for anyone, yet our lives depend on these prescriptions regardless of what it costs us. Right now we only have half a vial of insulin, and I need these prescriptions shipped! On with the charge to my debit card, while I silently cried on the inside.

I'm REALLY worried today that we are stuck in this RX plan until next open enrollment. I know exactly what plan I enrolled in, and it wasn't supposed to be this!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Don't give up!