Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My 65 and swimming day 2

Today I was a good girl. I met my treadmill as early as planned, without hitting snooze for an hour like most mornings. For some reason I must have needed that snooze today because my eyeballs have been rolling around all day and I can't stop yawning. I had an hour nap after work, thanks to my hubby being home. I just feel yucky today-drained-a mixture of being up too early, working out too hard, and hoovering around 65 to often today. Darn exercise. I still have .3 active from dinner and I've been 65ish for the last two hours......waiting patiently to be able to go to bed. I dont want to over treat the 65, but I'm tempted just so I can go to sleep!

Maddison and her friends took another partial dip in the pool after school today but decided after 10 minutes or so that it was too cold. That means swimming day 2 will be all figured out, LOL. Thats a good thing because I'm tired and dont feel like chasing around swimming numbers tonight.

My 65 is now a 105, and I'm soooo ready for sleep! Lets hope Maddison is in range and I can sleep a good 5hrs before checking her around 3am.....fingers crossed. OH DAMN....scratch that. I was just about to post and I hear Maddison coming down the hall. "Mom, I feel low" and.....she's 56. WTF? I tucked Maddison in bed an hour ago, she was 188 with no active insulin. I corrected the 188 and now she's 56!? Fabulous. This has happened several times lately at bed time....but ONLY if Maddison isn't asleep yet. CRAZY-ASS-DISEASE. If Maddison was ASLEEP as she should be at 10pm and I correct a 188 when she is sleeping she would stay in range. But, for some reason if she is still awake she drops too low with that same correction. I assume that means the instant she falls asleep her growth hormones kick in and she is more resistant to that correction. Who knows. I just know it is irritating. Tonight is the final decision night on that one. Lesson learned. Now I know for sure that this is REALLY happening and I'm not crazy. I'm still crazy I guess, but at least now I know I'm right about this one. Add another weird thing to consider to the list!

Guess I'll be up for awhile......FB? Read more blogs? Chores? Hmmmmmmm.........


Jennifer said...

I was reading this post & thinking "I'm not the only one who waits to go to bed"! And even when I do go to bed I wake up constantly worried about Courtney's blood sugar. It is a mentally exhausting disease to manage!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Not crazy, just gathering data. :-)