Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confusing day

Some days when I work out really hard in the morning my mind is fuzzy all day. Today is one of those days. Of course, truth is I'm hoovering in the 65-110 range on these days as well, but geez. Seems like there isn't anything I can do to stop the fuzzy brain. Can't eat enough. Can't reduce basal enough. Some of these days I think I'm cured. I find myself confused on top of confused, wondering why I can't feel better. I'm not technically low, but my brain says I am. People must have thought I was a weirdo today at the grocery store. I walked back and forth 100 times trying to remember what I was looking for! Then I checked out, and went back for more of what I forgot, LOL!!!

More confusion sets in today when Maddison's A1c rang in at 7.3, WTF? That can't be right. I was expecting her A1c to be much lower than her last 6.9.... Now first of all, I didn't want her A1c to be lower than the last 6.9, but I figured with all the lows she has been having the past 3 weeks that her A1c would be TOO LOW and I would feel horribly guilty for THAT. Not so. Now I'm back to hating this stupid A1c test and assuring myself that it really is useless compared to a meter average. My logic says Maddison ran high for 3 weeks in March, was in better range for a few weeks, then perfectly in range a few weeks, and now too many lows. How the hell did her A1c fluctuate to increase 4pts if her meter average is the same as it was then? Its so confusing. I guess lows are more quickly corrected than highs, and we all know we really only see the small picture with a meter. I must have made a funny face when Dr D told me Maddison's A1c because she asked me what is wrong :) Stupid A1'c's, they really don't make much sense sometimes. Oh well, I'm just happy that her A1c wasn't "too low" as I expected it to be. Who would've known?

I talked to Dr D about swimming and Diabetes and asked her WHY Maddison would go high 3-4 hours later. I understand WHY I guess, I just dont know what the hell to do about it. She suggested increasing her basal rate right after swimming and then decreasing it later on for the lows. Makes sense I guess. Problem is.....easier said than done. I would never think to INCREASE a basal after exercise, and honestly thats a scary thought if you dont get it timed JUST right. Ohhhh, summer is approaching fast!

Sitting here trying to blog my thoughts on today my mind is floating. I have a headache and I'm 138. An hour ago I was 69 and apparently my body hasn't caught up to this number yet. I ate half a banana with peanut butter and some blackberries. I bolused half the carbs. Basal rate is reduced to just 20% since my morning workout and I still go low. No wonder this day is so confusing. My own body is confusing. Why is my brain not catching up to my blood sugar? Why am I on a .05 basal rate for the last 8 hours and I still go low? This atypical day is confusing. Maddison's A1c is confusing. This disease is confusing. I'm off in Lala land tonight and I should be feeling fine by now. Weird. Blood sugar is just a weird, confusing thing.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

It (blood sugar) IS such a weird and confusing thing. I think there are many factors that affect our blood sugars that the doctors just don't know about yet.