Thursday, April 2, 2009

Basal Rates

12am .15
330am .10
430am .15
6am .30
8am .25
9am .15
730pm .25
930pm .20

The above is Maddison's basal rates over 24hours. Maddison is having highs from 8am-noon. As I studied for the needed changes last night I realized WOW. She used to only have 4 times a day her basal changed. We aren't even in puberty yet! Do you ever wonder if we are making things more complicated than they are with a pump? I mean....micro manage by the hour? Growing look at what her little body is doing by her basal pattern it is amazing! My Diabetes is pretty simple....

My pattern= .25 per hour for 24 hours. Thats it. Nothing weird. Nothing crazy. No morning resistance. I'm lucky. I wish Maddison had "my" Diabetes. I wish I had "hers."

Josh picked up Maddison today from school and spoke with the school nurse, just because he hasn't seen her in quite awhile. He mentioned to her that I was "studying my book" (basal patterns) last night and if she didn't have an improvement from
250's to report for Maddies numbers today, that I would be crushed. Well, she did come in at a better 190, but who's to say what she will be tomorrow? Anyway....the nurse told Josh that she knows I am *always* making changes. Hmmmm....That makes me wonder if I am the only one of her "D" parents that make changes so often? As in, why does Maddison's needs change SO much? Am I clueless and doing something wrong? I go around and around wondering this all the time.....even though I already know the answer. This just is Diabetes. But, lately numbers are just numbers. (even though Maddison is running too high half the day!!) I'm just going with the flow. They aren't making me angry. They aren't stressing me out. They aren't making me want to hide and cry. I wish I had more of these days, I really do. I wish basal rates would just stay one way for awhile, like at least 3 weeks. Crazy basal rates.


Penny said...

For the past few months I've been changing Riley's basals a little every week to two weeks. That's what I had to do to FINALLY get him in range most of the day.

You're not alone. I think they hit growth spurts and you just have to ride it out (until they are 18 or so....sigh)

Anonymous said...

My niece is 12. We change or tweak something almost every day. Thank goodness she is usually stable from 3am to 4pm (either flat rate or with a lower rate from 2am to 6am), varies. Starting at 6pm and usually 12am but sometimes 2am she is very unstable or wacky. Growth hormones, I guess, though this starts before she is sleeping. You are doing the right thing for your child. Some kids do not require too many adjustments. You can only go by the numbers..... I sometimes wait two days to see more of a pattern, never three. Madison is the subject, you are studying her. It does not matter what any other child in the world does, only that you learn her patterns. I'm sure you do a great job. Very impressed with your tiny basal rates; must be hard to adjust, though.