Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Lantus

I just knew mail order prescriptions were going to be a major pain! Caremark didn't ship out our insulin on Thursday as promised. Of course, the $320 was deducted from my bank account immediately. I was told that our insulin would be shipped next day air. Perfect. We only had 40 units of Novolog left, just enough for Maddison's site change on Saturday. Friday morning I called to find out where my order was when it hadn't arrived by 6pm. I was told that the RX was never filled. Funny, it cleared my bank account as though it was shipped out! After a heated conversation I gave up. I just didn't have the fight in me that day. So, today I called back to make sure the insulin went out in the mail, and the Rep told me it did, but it went 2nd day air. No insulin until Wednesday. We dont have a trace of fast acting in the house. The dang Novolog should have been here on Friday!

My pump is reminding me every few minutes that I only have 1 unit remaining. Tonight, its back to Lantus for me. I'm planning on taking just 5 units of the Lantus this time since the 7 units proved to be too much a few weeks back when my pump broke. What matters most is Maddison has plenty of insulin in her pump to last. I would never willingly put Maddison back on Lantus. But for me, I can survive a few days. Its aggravating and a bit scary, but being that I had to "feed the insulin" on Lantus, I will just go about it the same way again this time, and eat low carb. Easy to avoid temptation when you just CANT eat THAT.

Scary thing this mail order thing is. Per our plan guidelines we are REQUIRED to get all "reoccurring" RX's by mail order. REQUIRED. That really pisses me off. Being that Caremark just filled our prescriptions, I can't even walk into a pharmacy and have the insulin filled, because you know, it is too soon and the insurance wont allow it. Also, being that I just broke the bank and paid $320 for my prescriptions and ANOTHER $320 for Maddisons, I wouldn't dare go to the pharmacy to get emergency Novolog at $160 a vial. Nope, I go back to Lantus and hope I learn my lesson on waiting too long to order supplies. Even though, if Caremark would have sent the insulin as they said, it would be here by now, just in time. Back to Lantus I go.


Wendy said...

WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED??? I have a vial of Novolog ready and waiting for you -- get up here and claim it stat!!!!!

What do I have to do to convince you to call me when this stuff happens? I'm on YOUR side, remember??? We're on the same team!!!

Jill said...

Such an angel isn't she!!! I sooooo wish I was closer to both of you. Glad "Wendy Woman" was there to save the day for you and keep you from that pesky Lantus! *wink*


Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage. I hate dealing with crap like that. I hope that you're able to get through it without too much headache or more expense.