Monday, April 20, 2009

Swimming day 1

Today was a hot one in Phx! I think we topped 98 degrees at last check. Maddison has been dying to dive into our pool, so today I figured it was a good day to start figuring out Diabetes with swimming. I definitely need a head start before swim class starts! Maddison will start lessons by doing a 4wk class to focus on proper strokes and then she will move up according to where her instructor feels she should be. Maddison has been swimming since she was 3 (thanks to her Dad) and has been a remarkable strong (and quick!) swimmer ever since. I swear that girl tries to give me a heart attack, she can hold her breath longer than anyone I know! I can't tell you how many times I've jumped to the pool edge frantically checking on Maddison because I can't believe she's still underneath the water holding her breath!

Maddison was 119 at her morning check before snack at school today, 97 before lunch and came home at 101 with .2 active. (still working on that ratio!) Perfect day to get this swim stuff figured out right? So we headed off to get some "swim supplies" which included Gatorade (CWD moms swear the Gatorade trick always works for swimming) juice boxes to keep by the pool, glucoshot glucose drinks (just in case!!) PB crackers, some new pool toys and goggles. READY. Long story short, Maddison entered the pool after a small snack of 10c. Being that the water is still colder than Maddison thought, she mostly paddled around on her new Shamu. Nothing too intense, though she was disconnected from her pump for an hour. She did swim around with the Goldens for several laps, so she did get in some good exercise I guess. When Maddison came out of the pool I bolused her missed basal from that hour (.2) because with Maddison she goes high right after swimming and the lows don't kick in until at least 4 hours later. WEIRD.

Came inside, Maddison was 170 with .2 active because of the basal that was just bolused. Being the retard that I am, I gave her 12 uncovered carbs thinking the .2 she had active would bring her lower, but really that was just a missed basal that was bolused after being disconnected for that swim hour! (I just now realized that!!) I messed up! So, an hour later Maddison complained of feeling low. I popped a 4c life saver in her mouth and went to get her meter. She was 233. DAMN. Guess you should actually see the low before you treat it hugh? I bolused 4c for the life saver! Dinner time rolls around and Maddison is 318. FABULOUS. I went and screwed up swimming day 1 already!

Maddison was 81 when she went to bed tonight, she got 4c to boost her up. I'm expecting to find her around 130 before I head off to bed. I wonder if she swam enough to have lows tonight? I really dont think she did, but I'm still planning on checking tonight to make sure of course! Who needs sleep anyway? Nothing a little Starbucks wont cure :) Guess I'm starting summer craziness early tonight.

Funny thing, now I have it in my head that I MUST get swimming "figured out" before summer swim classes start....poor Maddie....I'll be begging her to swim every day now just so I can try and get things right, LOL. The swimming I avoided last year I'm now in a hurry to get going with! How crazy am I? Once I get something in my mind its hard to get rid of it, I'm ready to beat this stupid disease when swimming! I really am! I'll get the disconnect figured out. I'll read up on the "Gatorade trick" and I'll get those temp basals "mastered" for sleeping safe after swim class! I have to. Last summer was a mess with swimming, it really was. Maddison was worn out every day from erratic highs and lows. There wasn't a middle ground. I dont want that to continue this summer. I need to REALLY figure this out, and I will. With alot of logging and notes I'm sure I can at least find a little bit of predictability right!!?? Swimming for hours on end every day in the summer, and now SWIM CLASSES, I have no choice but to grab the bull by the horns, and he's going DOWN!! This momma bear will hide no more. Get the pencils sharpened and the swimming log book ready.....its time for defeat.


Wendy said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! SWIMMING WILL WIN!!! I'd love to hear more about the Gatorade trick :) I had Addy sip on 8 oz of Gatorade once during a bounce house thing and it seemed to work...but she had her pump on the entire time...

(Yes it's 3 am, btw... hmmm...wonder why I'd be up at this hour...)

Scott K. Johnson said...

You can do it!

Be gentle with yourself too though.