Monday, April 20, 2009

How rude

This morning I'm sitting at work listening to a co-worker talking about her weekend trip to Ghirardelli, CA. Yes, as in chocolate, and she brought back samples of new flavors for us all to try. All I can think is "Oh great" I know somehow I'm going to end up being irritated in the next few minutes when someone says something like "can you eat this?" So, she approaches and of course that's exactly what she asks.

"I don't know what you can and can't eat" she says. "Would you like some?"

"I can eat anything as long as I take insulin for it" I say, thanking her.

Her next response made me want to leap from my chair and tackle her :) She raised her eyebrows and said "Ok, whatever you say"

It only gets more frustrating as I listen to her ask her Mom (who sits in the next cubicle) if she wants some samples. Her mom is one of the two older ladies in my office that are both newly a type 2 patient. No meters. Just "diet" controlled with minimal doses of oral meds. So anyway, her mom said she would love to try some chocolate. Her daughter gives her a few samples. Then as her daughter is walking away she blurts out, "Well, you shouldn't eat it" How long do you plan to live anyway Mom?" At that moment I was about to climb over that stupid cubicle wall and say some choice words in defense of her mom eating chocolate. How dare a daughter tell her mother what she should and shouldn't eat? How dare she say those things at all, to anyone? Same old story, different day. Ugh. How rude! It must be REALLY hard as a Type 2 to hear those things all the time. Its so not fair for them. Back to work I go, and I'm gonna have some chocolate with my breakfast :)

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Hannah said...

That woman probably doesn't even realize how she's hurting others with her words (and if she does - shame on her!). Is she a "friend" that you could explain things to or is there someone in the office that could explain things to her so she'd understand that diabetes - Type 1 or 2 - doesn't mean what she obviously thinks it means?