Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another chance to educate

Today I got this email from a Mom that has a child on Hannah's volleyball team.

"Could you possibly go with me to a Vemma meeting tomorrow night? Vemma/Verve is the vitamin/antioxidant drink I have used for a year and love. I talked with a friend that her father had has type 1 diabetes and he started using this and now only has to control with diet, no more shots."

I have sat many times during Hannah's practice with this mom and explained the Type 1and Type 2 differences. I guess people never listen. I emailed her back stating
"no thanks, but I will use this invite as a chance to educate you on Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes" and then I explained why injections keep us alive. I hope she will still speak to me at practice tonight!


Jill said...

Ugh! Wouldn't it be nice if it was just that easy? To drink something a few times a day or take a pill to make it all go away? Grrrrrr! I'm glad you tried to educate her....AGAIN! Sadly, it's people like her that can pull the freakin ear wax out of her ears to HEAR what you are even trying to say :( Good for you for trying!! (((HUGS)))

Laura said...

echoing Jill's thoughts. I wish it was that easy. I Have people at work that cant get the facts straight from type 1 to type 2

Hannah said...

I get so frustrated about how little people understand the difference between type 1 and 2...and then I remember that I was one of those people. I still get irritated when people ask why my 10 yo can't just control his diabetes with his diet and exercise (or even lose weight - the kid's ribs show!!). They just don't understand. I will explain it as many times as I have to and as much as I'd love to think a drink would 'cure' diabetes, I'll keep on believing in science and manage Type 1 the best I can for my son. (Secretly, though, I'd love to smack that other mom for you - it'd just make me feel better :P )

Anonymous said...

Right! We give our kids four plus injections a day (or insulin pump) and 10 to 15 blood sugar sticks because we just aren't educated enough about vitamins! As if every parent didn't troll the Internet after diagnosis and still, years later, in the hope of finding any information regarding a cure! Many of us would go to extreme lengths in the hopes of curing this disease -- NONE of the possible future cures are even remotely risk free. I suggest you print out a list of cures from my favorite website and google "Diabetes Cures" next to his name. He has a list of all research, what phase it is in. Not one cure, NOT ONE, is without great risk, IMO. AS IF, we wouldn't change diet and take a few vitamins... I would be sure to mention to her that her advice to a Mom of a newly diagnosed child could mean death for that child if the Mom was misguided enough to follow her advice. People who sell supplements with false claims, causing injury, IMO, should be prosecuted.