Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy fun, graphic story and I'm not so sure!

This past weekend was a fun filled busy time. Saturday the girls had a birthday party for a support group friend who turned 11. Maddison was in such a great mood until the damn birds of the neighborhood sent her spiraling downwards crying for nearly an hour. It seems a baby bird had fallen from his nest and a "Grackel" (a big black bird) tried to eat it! Of course Maddison had already been scouring the grassy areas for any bird that needed to be "rescued" and came across this baby bird right as he was under attack. She saw the whole thing. I heard her yelling from outside, and instantly knew what the deal was, it IS baby bird season you know :) I didn't expect the found little bird to be injured! The "Grackel" had nearly decapated the baby bird. OH CRAP! Maddison swooped up the little bird and tried to stay calm. I tried to tell her that the little bird just wont survive despite any efforts to get him help, but he was alive and chirping his last little breaths at this point, so I assured her all she could do was love him and comfort him as he passed. I didn't know what else to say! Don't laugh at this next one....Maddison took her little finger and tried to pump the birdies chest and perform CPR!!! I felt so sad for her....for the little bird! So, what was such a happy morning ended up being traumatic for Maddison. After crying and settling down after the whole ordeal, she assured me she was crying because the sight of it all, not the fact that she couldn't save him. -sigh- Traumatic for a little girl indeed!

Trauma behind us, we headed off to my Sister in Laws HOA block party so the girls could spend some time with their little cousins. I think I must have eaten about 20 lifesavers all day amidst all the activities. Needless to say, I'm not liking Lifesavers so much today! Last year we attended this same block party and I remembered the sadness I felt when all the kids wanted snow cones but didn't get one because I wouldn't let Maddison have one. This year we had the snow cones!! Packed in my back pack I had SUGAR FREE snow cone syrup! YAY! Thank you to whoever created this magical syrup!

Yesterday we attend a church carnival with Josh's grandmother. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees and we all had a great time. Even Maddison's blood sugars were great, despite the sneaky carnival food. I think I have learned to bolus much more than the usual guesstimate when we eat out. So far, so good. For me, lifesavers again saved the day repeatedly. Not sure whats going on there...maybe my metabolism is kicked back to where it used to be since I'm actually dragging my lazy self to the treadmill every morning? I didn't work out this lazy Sunday, but it seems the effects are still there lately. NO MORE LIFESAVERS PLEASE! I started a basal reduction all around for me today. Later in the evening we had Hannah's end of the year Volleyball team BBQ. A busy fun filled weekend indeed!

Now for the "I'm not so sure" part of my thoughts today.....I FINALLY received an email reply from Maddison's teacher after I asked her if she had Maddison sit out a portion of recess the other day for interrupting her during testing because she felt low. This is her response....

"Yes, Maddison came to me, informed me she was low, and was accompanied immediately to the nurse with a buddy. It is also true that I was administering individual assessments and had made my expectation clear that the kiddos were to work independently and refrain from interrupting unless there was an emergency.
I am certain you know that the health, safety and security of my class (and all students) is a priority above all else. Please also know that I fully understand the extreme importance and necessity of Maddison’s immediate treatment as needed.
As there were many students who had not met my expectation, I made a general announcement to the class that those who interrupted were to spend 5 minutes sitting out at recess. After about 8 months of school with the same protocol, I am now expecting Maddison to know what her condition permits (no penalty for treatment). I DID NOT tell Maddison directly she was to sit out, nor was I expecting her to serve a penalty. If, in fact, she spent time on the wall, it is a penalty she chose for herself. If Maddison had come to me to clarify if I meant her, I would have told her she did not need to miss any recess."


Miss S.

Hmmm....I'm actually a bit offended by this response. Wouldn't you think Ms S would have told Maddison she didn't have to sit out? I'm not so sure about this email response. Sounds like she is manipulating the truth. All I know is we have 18 days of school left, then Good Riddance to all this heartache in her class!


Jennifer said...

Awww...poor girl! My daughter is in 3rd grade & I CANNOT wait for this year to be over! I could go on for days about this school year being hell! At one point her teacher told me that she felt Courtney was using her diabetes as a crutch & an excuse to get out of work!!!!!! Needless to say I had to hold myself back from knocking her teeth down her throat!!

MegT said...

I can see how this happened to Maddison because similar things have happened to my fourth grade daughter. I remember a few months ago that there was a day when the principal was in to observe the class. The teacher had prepared the students by reminding them that they had all had a chance to go to the bathroom and have snacks before this session, so she did not expect interruptions or hands up for this stuff. Regular teacher stuff.
Except my daughter is unwilling to "break" the rules for her own health. When my daughter got home that day and told me that she had felt low all during that lesson, I was surprised. Didn't she know that she could get her snack or go to the nurse at any time? "Yes", she said, but she wanted to follow the rules. I reminded her that when the teacher says that the class should do something, that's what she's telling the REST of the class. My daughter should feel free to do what is needed without fear of being in trouble or even being perceived as uncooperative.
I called her teacher to reinforce this point. The teacher wholeheartedly agreed. I do like this teacher and I think she is pretty sensitive. However, I think the teacher gives my daughter more credit for assertiveness than my fourth grader really posesses. Mrs. G said "She knows that she can get up when she needs to." I told her that my daughter needed to hear it AGAIN from the teacher because she is not willing to go against what she perceives to be the rules, no matter how many times we talk about it at home. Ugh. Life isn't easy for those sweet little rule followers!

The Herrigs said...

I came across your blog today as I was searching parents of diabetic kids. Thanks for your honesty and cadidness in your writing. My daughter was diagnosed in August at the age of 2 1/2. It is so nice to be able to relate to other parents dealing with the same. Thanks for blogging:)