Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funny

This morning after just rolling out of bed Maddison asked me what insurance we have. "Why?" I asked......she said she had a dream about the GEICO money following her around. She told me if we don't have GEICO insurance we should "get it" because we will save alot of money on our "auto, home and life" insurance. How funny is that?


Jennifer said...

That's hilarious!

Beth said...

That's a good one! Silly Maddison. :)

Before Michael started school, he kept talking about how we needed a "Y by Cy", and I could NOT figure out what the heck he meant. It went on for weeks, until I finally was watching TV with him at the right time. He was fascinated by a commercial for a refrigerator called a WideBySide! LOL Obviously, those commercials are doing their jobs, sticking in people's minds (even though they are kids).