Sunday, May 17, 2009


8 Things I’m looking forward to…..

1. Spending more time with my girls this summer
2. My sister coming to visit in June
3. Hannah starting Sand tournaments this week
4. Maddison starting camp in June (through the ASPCA, pet camp!)
5. getting back in shape
6. Sleeping in this summer
7. Dinner with my Dad every Wednesday this summer
8. vacation

8 Things I Did Yesterday……

1. yard work
2. adjusted basal for Maddie and changed 2 sites
3. had a dinner party
4. started back to interval workouts
5. Took Maddison to volunteer at the rescue
6. worked on my tan :)
7. complained about laundry, then decided it can wait
8. spent the day by the pool with my girls

8 Things I Wish I could Do…..

1. Cure Diabetes
2. Finish my Masters
3. have a job that I LOVE
4. Volunteer my time in many places
5. Sleep 8 straight hours every night
6. Stop worrying
7. Promise my kids health and complete eternal happiness
8. make Maddison love school

8 Shows I Watch…..

1. Dr G Medical examiner
2. Animal planet, anything Maddison forces me to watch :)
3. Trauma Life in the ER
4. Ace of cakes
6. American Idol
7. Mystery diagnosis
8. Cookoff challenge

8 People I Want To Read 8 Things About…..


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Hannah :] said...

:] one other thing you should have been looking forward to is my love kris allen winning american idol :]

ILoveYouMommaaaa :]