Monday, May 11, 2009

Miserable Monday be gone!

Maddison was so happy this morning as she told me "only two Mondays left" before school is out for summer! No miserable Monday today....Maddison is too happy that school is quickly coming to an end! Not much new around here, but I did make progress with Maddison's numbers on Saturday. Even though it was the weekend, I increased her morning basals all around. I also decreased her ratio's back to what they used to be before the lows hit last month. Low, high, high low. So much for the three weeks of GREAT numbers. Lows, now highs. Life with Diabetes in just three words.

Sunday was nearly disastrous after breakfast for Maddison though. We caught a 140 an hour after breakfast that I knew well enough was not going up, but crashing down with 2 units active. Maddison got an un-bolused bowl of LUCKY CHARMS that morning! Guess the basal rate that was better on Saturday was WAY TOO MUCH on Sunday. Interesting. Who would have known? Same breakfast, same time of day. That left me with questioning back to school today. Decrease? Flip back to Friday's basal rates? I decided to lower her rates SLIGHTLY for today going back to school in fear of a repeat of yesterdays craziness with the crashing low after breakfast. Maddison still hit 190 by her morning check this morning, much better than 290's from last week though so I'll take it! Tomorrow, I increase basals and see what we get. Who would ever know that we really, seriously DO chase numbers like this? Yep, thats the name of my blog alright!

Guess what Maddison's 2nd grade is doing for the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL next week? They are walking 2 blocks to the SWIMMING POOL!!!! WHY WOULD THEY DO SUCH A THING?? I mean really? On the last day of school? So, looks like I will have to pack up my pool bag and PRAY that we find something to keep her site attached for her last day of school. (which also includes pizza and celebrating summer birthdays with CAKE AND ice cream) Are they trying to make me turn grey or what? How am I supposed to make myself be invisible while managing numbers on a last day of school like that? It's hard trying to not be seen on field trips, but this one really makes it hard! Oh well, I'm just happy miserable Mondays are gone!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

You have one tough assignment for that last day! Whew!